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Cool New Product! Whole Pieces of Raw Green Tripe

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IMAG2942We have an exciting new product we’re thrilled to offer from our friends at Prather Ranch — unbleached/unscalded/unground raw green tripe packed into 5-7 lb bags for $3.75/lb. 

We have a very limited supply available this weekend IN STOCK NOW – please come by to try it out while supplies last! If we have enough interest, we will plan to buy more and keep this product in stock ongoing.

This is USDA inspected and approved unbleached, unscaled (raw) green tripe from the first two chambers of the cattle’s stomachs (there are four chambers total and this is from the first two – rumen & reticulum). This is considered “honeycomb” tripe. The tripe we get from is USDA inspected, grass-finished whole tripe that has been ground up – they include both the upper & lower chambers (which contain the “pre-poop” smellier sections/material called omasum & abomasum). The upper sections of their stomach are mostly pink/red in color and not as scary looking as you might think  :) — the bags are reasonably sized and packaged nicely/clean.

This tripe product has been inspected for foreign objects (like metal or rocks, which can end up in a cow’s stomachs from their grazing activity); tested for e. coli and other harmful bacteria; and inspected by the USDA for cysts and parasites.

This is a really cool new thing you can try feeding your dog — it is in large-ish pieces and would be an excellent selection for a high value, boneless chewable meal for puppies, adults or older dogs.

Tripe is a study/tough, ribbed textured muscle meat that requires quite a bit of effort for dogs to chew through. This will provide a great workout that will adequately meet your dog’s chewing requirements safely, without the risk of breaking a tooth or any of the other risks associated with feeding raw bones, and will help promote both dental and gut health.

Tripe is a great choice for any dog needing a highly digestible, low-fat, well-tolerated, exceedingly palatable meal.

Tripe is also a good protein choice for any dog with renal issues/insufficiency. (more here)

Tripe has a naturally balanced ca:ph ratio and so it can be fed alone “as is” – you do not need to be concerned about balancing tripe meals.

Prather Beef InformationPrather’s beef program is exceptionally stringent with regards to their standards for quality, humane handling, and purity.

Prather cattle are:

* certified Humane by the Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) program;

* never ever treated with hormones or antibiotics (from birth to harvest);

* cattle are given USA sourced supplemental trace minerals and beneficial probiotics to promote health (this makes for even better tripe!); 

* single source traceability for each animal (unique ID within 24-hours of birth);

* DNA tested Angus/Herford;

* closed herd biosecurity program;

* Raised locally and exclusively on 40,000 acres across Macodel, Fall river and Northern Sacramento Valley;

* majority of feed grown on-site;

* raised on certified organic pasture & then finished for 120 days on a custom blend of barley, rice, alfalfa & timothy hay – NO corn, NO soy!);

* pastured have been certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF);

* beef is carefully harvested and hand-cut by their own artisan meat processors in their own USDA inspected, hospital/medical product grade facility;




Kasie Maxwell



SFRAW / Rara Avis

250 Napoleon Street, Unit G

San Francisco, CA 94124

W: 415-225-0589

F: 866-332-2698


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SFRAW Hosts NEW Royal Fishbox Subscription Program Every Thursday Night

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We’re pleased to announce a spectacular new seafood subscription program meticulously organized by Cynthia Yeh, Sustainability Coordinator at local sustainable seafood company, Royal Hawaiian Seafood called Royal Fishbox.

Royal Fishbox is a weekly subscription program that provides subscribers with a variety of INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS sustainable seafood every week in a nicely packaged box format that includes educational and suggested use/preparation information for the contents of each box.

Subscriptions cost $25/week and are delivered every Thursday afternoon to the SFRAW warehouse for you to pick-up. You do not need to be a SFRAW member to be a Royal Fishbox subscriber.

Ever wondered what other kinds of seafood are out there? Curious to learn more about the different sustainable seafood species available in the market and in your local restaurant? Interested in learning how to prepare unique cuts of fish or how to enjoy certain species of seafood?

Register now for Fishbox, a subscription program that offers a new variety of seafood every week!  Once you sign up, you can pick up your Fishbox at the “Fishbowl” location you chose.  Fishboxes will be in an ice chest awaiting retrieval at the designated time/date.

IMAG2592Each week, you’ll get a smart and tidy package of sample-size portions of seafood, packaged individually and labelled with QM codes for smartphone scanning to gather even more information online. You’ll also receive a weekly Themeletter that reviews the products contained in that week’s subscription box. Access fresh, high-quality, sustainable seafood (products typically exclusive to Chefs) while educating yourself on the environmental issues posed in today’s society.

Our goal is to provide culinary education, fish education and sustainability awareness to consumers. And of course to offer RHS’s best seafood to individuals!

IMG_6304 sakekama

SHRIMP_ONO So far we’ve sampled some outstanding seafood with the Fishbox pilot program including last week’s Chilean Seabass (aka Patagonian toothfish). The week before we had fun with Rhode Island Towndock Squid (with tentacles), Mediterranean tenderized Cuttlefish (2-3 pieces of whole Sepia), and cuttlefish ink. July 10th we had packs of local Santa Cruz Pacific Rock crab (Pacific Stone crab) and West Coast Dungeness crab. Over July 4th the boxes were double sized and contained generous portions of Fort Bragg wild king salmon steaks and delicious shell-on headless sustainable domestic farmed shrimp. Our Japanese neighbor was overjoyed with the Fishhox which contained Sake Kama (salmon collars) and two Kampachi Kama (kampachi collars) – this is all very high quality seafood for you to eat, not to feed with your dogs or cats (well, not until after you’ve cooked or frozen it first!)

Enjoy and spread the word!

$10 BONUS for REFERRALS -> Remember, you receive $10 of RHS webstore credit for every new member you refer, that’s $10 you can spend on any product of your choosing (if available on the webstore)!

If you have any questions or feedback, find us at

chileanseabass3 SHRIMP_ONO logo IMAG2519

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The Return of Meat Madness?!

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Before starting SFRAW in 2003, I was part of a group affectionately referred to as Meat Madness (since half of us  involved were vegetarians/vegans!)

D5DOG & Meat Madness dog, Rudy. Photo by Matt Magana

D5DOG & Meat Madness dog, Rudy. Photo by Matt Magana

History of Meat Madness (skip this if you just want to get to the point/proposal…): 

Back in 2000-2001, I was the founder of a local dog advocacy group called District 5 Dog Owners & Guardians that worked to promote off-leash recreation, responsible dog handling, the AKC CGC program, held monthly park clean-ups in Alamo Square and other D5 parks like Duboce & Buena Vista, and held a fun annual dog festival that promoted advocacy and access to open spaces for SF dogs. Alamo Square was the first park in SF to go through the grueling SF Dog Policy program to become an official DPA. D5DOG worked tirelessly for two years, amidst a lot of controversy and with a mountain of challenges, to successfully establish Alamo Square as the first official new Dog Play Area (it had been de facto off-leash forever, but was at risk of being closed entirely to off-leash dogs at the time).

Photo by Matt Magana

D5DOG & Meat Madness dog, Chance. Photo by Matt Magana

Anyway — one of the things I did with D5DOG was organized health and nutrition seminars (of course! LOL). For the first seminar, we invited Cathy & Tiffani from Feed This! (they had just launched their business) to speak about raw feeding. Those that attended wanted to switch to raw after the seminar, but were a little uncertain of doing it themselves. In response to this, I organized monthly food making get-togethers in my apartment that put people to work in an assembly line with different food prep stations so that at the end of the day we all had a month’s worth of food packaged into individual meal packs for our dogs and divvied up the costs to pay for everything combined, by the pound. I organized the menus/recipes, ordered/picked up the ingredients, and we all worked together to provide the labor for set-up, making the food & clean-up, and we all had a really good time together/lots of laughs – those were some pretty fun days. We did this for about two years; had one person move and one dog pass away, and three new people added during this time — when I started SFRAW, almost everyone from Meat Madness joined the new group and many are still members to this day. Good times – fond memories!

Bringing Back The Madness to SFRAW (the proposal):

I was thinking this am that it would be pretty cool if we started doing Meat Madness styled “food prep parties” here at SFRAW. With the warehouse location, and having access to such an abundant and amazing variety of better food and better equipment, etc. — a lot more space than my tiny apartment kitchen and rear garden (where John and Matt wildly chopped up meaty bones using a big cleaver – haha!). I think it would be pretty fun and collectively, with a fair division of labor, we could get a lot done here in just a few hours. I am considering putting together Meat Madness food making parties specific to dog sizes (tiny/small, medium & large/giant) and having a separate event for cat food making parties.  I will organize the menus, etc. and then end of day, we’ll all pay for what we made by the pound. You can bring your own containers, or we can add this into the cost.

One of the many things that distinguishes SFRAW from other groups or companies is the incredible community and unique support we have within our membership. Building community through mentoring/support and the sharing of how/why we feed fresh foods with fellow members – sharing stories about our dogs and cats with members that understand our loving commitment and care, as well as the special magic that happens between humans when we spend time together preparing food, and sharing our love and commitment to our beloved animals – these values and experiences are at the very core of SFRAW’s mission and founding/guiding principles.

How many of you are interested in this sort of thing? From past experience with Meat Madness get-togethers, I am confident this will be a fun way to turn a chore into a party! Being involved will allow for you to not have to think much about making the food/menu planning and the social and fun aspect is really one of the best parts about it, IMO.

SFRAW is really about community and the Meat Madness program would foster this community while making a regular chore less work/drudgery by dividing the labor with your fellow SFRAW members; preparing your pet’s meals in the warehouse will leave your home free of dog/cat food making mess, too!

If you’re interested, please let me know by commenting below or sending an email ( and we’ll consider organizing our first event ASAP. I hope we can make it a regular thing. Let me know what size/age/number of dogs or cats you have and what days and times work best for you. I’m thinking we just need 3-4 people for each session and we’ll be able to knock out quite a bit of awesome “home-made” raw food pretty quickly.

Hope to hear from you!

Warmest Regards,

Kasie Maxwell

Founder/Owner SFRAW

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OT: Running Out of Time – Please Sign New GGNRA Petition

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Some of you may not know about my involvement with organizing and working hard to maintain access to open spaces and parks to dogs in SF and the GGNRA (SF/Marin). This is an issue very near and dear to my heart as the past/long-time webmaster for SFDOG, founder of (now defunct) District 5 Dog Owners & Guardians, and countless volunteer hours devoted to a variety of efforts/campaigns related to the issue of preserving access to open spaces and promoting responsible dog walking/handling. I feel very strongly that preserving access to these areas is absolutely vital to the quality of life and health of many SF Bay Area residents (dogs & humans of all ages) and that recreational activity such as hiking and dog walking is not at all incompatible with the protection of wildlife and the local ecosystem.

Currently and urgently, we’re trying to get as many people as possible to sign an online petition to protect recreation in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (Fort Funston, Ocean Beach, Crissy Field, Marin Headlands, Muir Beach, Rodeo Beach, and properties in San Mateo County).

With the stroke of a pen, a few GGNRA and National Park Service officials could change the mission of the GGNRA from one focused on *recreation* to that of a *nature preserve*. This change could force out tens of thousands of us who recreate in the GGNRA — both with and without dogs. If you surf, fish, bike, ride a horse, walk a dog, hike, picnic, kayak, windsurf, and any of the other ways people recreate in the GGNRA, you may be forced out. Even if you don’t walk with your dog in the GGNRA, the proposed changes in its mission will mean all forms of recreation are at risk there. Our petition, at, will show the GGNRA and elected officials that there is widespread opposition to their plans. We need to stop this while we still can.

We need as many people people as possible to sign on.  Please take a moment to sign and then pass this on to other lists or people you think may be willing to sign their name to this petition.

A few staff members at the National Park Service could take away recreation for millions of Bay Area residents unless we act now. The staff has already indicated that they might very well take away most recreation in the GGNRA – that’s why we need to act together to make our voices heard right now before it is too late.

Please make sure your voice is heard by signing our petition to make sure the GGNRA preserves recreation and hears all concerns before taking unilateral action to keep Bay Area residents out of our own backyard.

Nearly 40 years ago, the City and County of San Francisco and other local governments transferred management of the GGNRA lands with the express promise that these lands would be managed to preserve recreation. Now that promise and pledge could be broken. The staff has clearly indicated they are moving to severely limit, even ban, local residents from tens of thousands of acres of what is a designated recreation area. This includes restrictions in popular areas where people surf, hike, bike and walk their dogs.

Our request is simple – keep the promise and preserve recreation in this recreation area.

The Bay Area is one of the most crowded urban areas in the nation. And the last thing we need is to lose tens of thousands of acres of recreation area because a few staff members want to designate it a nature preserve. There is room for both protecting nature and preserving recreational areas.

We are fortunate that prominent local leaders like Congresswoman Jackie Speier, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, San Francisco Board President David Chiu and the entire San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Marin County Board President Kathrin Sears and the entire Marin Board of Supervisors, San Mateo County Board President Dave Pine, as well as Supervisors Adrienne Tissier, Don Horsley and Warren Slocum, and so many others have joined our cause to preserve recreation.

But your voice matters the most.

Please sign our petition today!


Kasie Maxwell

Founder, SFRAW

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Register for Our Spring & Summer 2014 Classes & Workshops Now

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Please go here to register for our 2014 classes and workshops in advance:

We request all attendees to pre-register for every class they’d like to attend, even the free classes, so we can prepare for how many people will be there and make the most of our time spent with our participants.  You can pre-register up to 12-hours before the class time. Thank you!

Below are photos from last year’s classes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope to see you at one (or more) of our educational events this year!

In preparation for the FREE Introduction to Feeding Raw to Cats event this Sunday, please enjoy this tidbit about taurine in the feline diet:

You may have heard just how vitally important the amino acid TAURINE is in the feline diet. While animal protein generally contains adequate taurine levels for cats when served fresh and raw, you may not know that cooking, grinding, freezing and long-term storage all diminish the viability of taurine in fresh foods and absorption of this vital nutrient may be inhibited when fed along with many common non-animal derived foods/fiber.

Taurine is essential for maintaining normal vital body functions in the feline including: vision, digestion, heart muscle function, to maintain normal pregnancy and fetal development, and to maintain a healthy immune system. The life-threatening damages of taurine deficiency can take up two years to develop – it is slow to progress. A lack of adequate taurine in the diet is very dangerous and taurine deficiency can lead to blindness and heart failure due to enlargement of the heart. Fortunately, feeding a diet of fresh, raw, meats will ensure and maintain adequate taurine levels. Thus, taurine deficiency related diseases are totally avoidable by feeding fresh, raw whole foods (particularly heart muscle meat). However, many people supplement with this essential nutrient, just to be safe (general recommendation is to supplement with 35 and 250 mg a day, or 500-1,000 mg 1-2 times a week). Taurine is easy to find, affordable and safely tolerated at even higher than recommended doses in the feline.

Interestingly, one of the foods highest in taurine is living insects! Did you know the wild feline diet consists of up to 15% live insects? Yes, nature takes care to provide abundant vital nutrients to our feline friends when they hunt & consume insects. My own cat, Briar, enjoys eating many bugs as part of his varied diet. Because I have turtles as part of our family, Briar enjoys many different types of insects during the spring and summer season (crickets, mealworms, wax worms, superworms, butterworms). He also enjoys catching moths and flies, and will eat spiders whenever he can. Here’s a video of Briar gobbling up butterworms; a fruity smelling, soft bodied insect high in fat and calcium (although butterworms are not as high in taurine as crickets, flies or spiders):

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The Rancho Beef Recall & You

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By now you have probably heard the news about a voluntary recall of beef processed for human consumption at Rancho Feeding Corp. in Petaluma during the period January 2013 – January 2014. This recall is currently pending investigation by the USDA. Rancho is one of only two USDA certified slaughterhouses in Northern California that processes custom beef.

Rancho has a solid reputation among the leading beef ranchers in the region. This small, locally owned & operated slaughterhouse harvests beef for all of the top quality (pastured/grass-finished) independent beef producers in Northern California including BN Ranch, Marin Sun Farms, Pastoral Plate/Stemple Creek, Tara Firma Farms – all of which supply their custom processed beef to SFRAW.

Our vendors notified us this week that the recall has just been expanded to include “custom processed” beef. This includes all beef products custom produced for them during this period last year. Although we feel that there is no question as to the safety or integrity of our supplier’s beef products, to cooperate with the USDA recall request, BN Ranch, Marin Sun Farms and Pastoral Plate took action immediately and have already picked up all beef inventory that we had in stock. This included SFRAW Beef Grind, Formula & treats that use BN Ranch beef ingredients.

We wanted to let you know more about this recall as soon as possible – even though there have been no reports of illness (people or animals) due to consumption of these products.

As small scale, local, fully pastured beef producers, our beef suppliers are meticulous in the care and handling of their cattle from birth to box. To ensure proper handling and high quality control, as part of the custom processing procedures, they have their own representatives handle and deliver the living animals off the pasture and over to Rancho. BN Ranch representatives even “walk the line” accompanying their animals & carcasses along side USDA inspectors and Rancho staff from harvest through final packaging of every pound of the product. The meat harvested from these farms during this period of time passed USDA inspection. We trust them when they tell us that the handling was done in accordance with USDA regulations, but more importantly, to their high standards.

As stated above there have been no reports of illness, nor reports of animal mistreatment, mishandling of the animals or food related to this beef recall.

Today we learned that the recall appears to have involved product manufactured from the processing of two dairy cows (processed on a different day from the custom beef products) that allegedly wasn’t fully inspected (documented and/or labelled properly).

While there is a lot of speculation surrounding this recall, we’d appreciate your patience and ask you to reserve judgment until the matter is resolved. Every day we are learning more about what happened and is happening with Rancho. If Rancho closes for good, this will have a tremendous impact on your local beef supply.

At this time, if you have any beef products that you purchased at SFRAW and would like to return it, feel free to come in this weekend or contact us via email at  Please be aware of the following processes for returns:

SFRAW Brand beef formulas, grinds and Beef-Pumpkin Patties and Beef Jerky: If you wish to return any items, these products will receive immediate store credit.

BN Ranch, Marin Sun Farms, Pastoral Plate/Stemple Creek beef products: We will accept and log all returns as they come in. We are currently working with our vendors to determine reimbursement or credit for these products.

Tara Firma will accept returns, if necessary, but is standing up to the recall. Please find Tara’s position statements here:

Rancho Update #3 TFRecall2.12.14

Rancho Update #2 TFRecall2.11.14

Your Food is Safe: Rancho Veal Update TFRecall2.10.14

Please join us in supporting these outstanding producers that work so hard, and with such a thin margin, to produce the highest quality, wholesome, healthy, and safe food. This recall can have a devastating impact on their business, so it is important that we stand with them in support, just as they stand behind the very good food that they produce.

Although our freezers were emptied of beef inventory earlier this week, we have fresh beef deliveries expected to arrive on Friday. We will be using fresh beef from Marin Sun Farms to fill all beef orders and to fill the demand for walk-in sales. We currently have Prather Ranch and limited Pastoral Plate beef available for sale. Please be sure to buy this beef. We plan to produce more of our SFRAW beef products next week using fresh product from Marin Sun Farms. We do not know when we will have BN Ranch beef back in stock – please stay tuned.

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Our 2014 Order & Pick-up Calendar PLUS Spring & Summer Workshops & Classes Schedule Now Available!

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2014 Member Ordering & Pick-up Calendar

Finally! With apologies for taking so long to get this updated, the 2014 order & delivery/pick-up schedule for our members is now posted to the website here. Download this PDF version to post/keep as a reminder of when to order & when to pick-up.

Participants ready to begin!

Participants ready to begin!

2014 Spring & Summer Workshops & Classes

We have also organized our upcoming schedule for our Spring & Summer workshops & classes – registration will be available in the next few days for the first series of classes. Please be sure to register in advance as space does fill-up fast (well, at least this is true for the canine classes — based on engagement last year, we will need more support for the kitty classes & workshops, so please, let are your “cat people” know about our offerings to support these educational events we so enjoy doing!)


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