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Register Now for FREE Workshop: Three Strategies to Avoid Mishap and Maximize the Health of Your Furry Family Members presented by SFRAW Guest Speaker, Rachel Augusta 8/28 9:00am-11:30am

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Three Strategies to Avoid Mishap and Maximize the Health of Your Furry Family Members presented by Rachel Augusta
DATE & TIME: Sunday, August 28th 9:00-11:30am
LOCATION: SFRAW, 250 Napoleon Street, Unit G, SF, CA 94124


In this workshop presented by visiting healer, Ranchel Augusta, you will learn:
– Vital tools to prevent and combat cancer
– How to overcome emotional trauma and PTSD
– Useful Tips to help you maneuver through natural disasters and other emergencies


PRIVATE SESSIONS: Rachel is available for private sessions on August 24th, 27th and 28th. Sessions are $125.00. Rachel is visiting the SF Bay Area from Minnesota to conduct sessions and to present this workshop at SFRAW.

BIO: Rachel Augusta, the founder of The Gutsy Grackle is a Minnesota resident who works with all animals (humans included!) to bring health and happiness to the body through energy work, coaching and mentoring. Her coaching and healing practice focuses on physical and emotional trauma, disease, illness, injury and preventative wellness. Rachel also assists animals that are transitioning and are in hospice care. Rachel is a contracted employee of Hazelden Betty Ford Centers and works with humans who are on a path to sobriety and need assistance in fighting depression through their transition. Rachel is a licensed and insured Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner, Healing Touch (humans) practitioner, Reiki Master and teacher, coach, mentor and motivational speaker.

In 2013 Rachel became a vegan and animal rights activist, further deepening her bond with non-human animals. She’s an active volunteer for various animal, environmental and human rights groups and serves on the board of the Friends of Roberts Bird Sanctuary.

Rachel has always been interested in energy work and various modalities of healing the body and mind. After her beloved 18 year old furry family member, Holly, was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, she decided to become an energetic therapist to support Holly into her senior years. Rachel quickly noticed that this was a gift she wanted to share with others and founded The Gutsy Grackle to begin working with non-human animals and a year later opened her practice up to humans as well.

Rachel Augusta
Motivational Speaker, Healing Touch for Animals/Healing Touch (humans) Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, The Gutsy Grackle
612-298-9305 | TheGutsyGrackle @ |


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Basic Questions Answered + New In-Store Check-Out/Inventory System & Website: Coming Soon!

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A: Our website (originally created by Kasie c. 2003 – hey, it’s an antique!) is, frankly, ridiculous. We’re in the process of switching over to a new Point-of-Sale system (in-store check-out/register, inventory & member management) that will communicate with a decently designed, new & greatly improved eCommerce website.

The new website will be modern/feature-rich & will work great on mobile devices, but in the interim…here’s some basic information that will, hopefully, answer your questions:

13256183_10153545994446669_8304362180661014082_n 1937389_10153348841736669_327012067773078676_nQ: WHERE CAN I FIND OUT WHAT YOU SELL & HOW MUCH THINGS COST?

A: The best way to see what we typically have available in stock at the warehouse (keep in mind, this changes every week and is NOT everything that we sell or offer to our members) is to join our public newsletter list by going to and subscribing here.

Our newsletter is where Kasie posts the week’s inventory and prices EVERY WEDNESDAY.

Please take a moment to click on the link below this subscribe box on the front page (or here) to view an archive of past newsletters where you will be able to review/download PDFs of past/recent inventory and pricing.

Keep in mind these lists are just the “tip of the iceburg” for what we actually offer our members; it is limited to just the stock at hand at that moment and/or on order for the warehouse any given week.

If there are staples you are buying now, or items you are looking to find- please feel free to send us a list of these things for a price/availability check. We are happy to provide you with current prices and availability for specific items you need.

The FULL product pricelist is extensive (over 2,000 SKUs) and we will eagerly custom order practically anything for our members from our large number of suppliers & producers. This service is, however, only available to current SFRAW members. We truly enjoy placing custom orders for our members – just ask!

We keep our shopping cart area of our website secure; it is only available to members that have paid the membership fee & completed a volunteer shift.


A: No, you do not need to be a member to shop at the SFRAW warehouse location in San Francisco! We’re open 7-days every week to EVERYONE (yes, that means YOU!), and we welcome you to simply drop in any time:

Thursday 9am-7pm                                          

Friday 9am-7pm

Saturday 9am-5pm

Sunday through Wednesday 12-5pm


  • MEMBERS pay the listed (already discounted) member prices for all products in the warehouse, which is a 30% discount. Members shop at the discounted price; are eligible to have products held/reserved for them; to place orders over the phone/email/web plus other benefits like free mentoring & delivery outside SF.
  • NON-MEMBERS are welcome to shop from available inventory at the warehouse, but are charged an additional 30% fee upon checkout. Non-members must come in to shop from what we have in stock at that time – we do not hold/reserve or custom order products for non-members.

We encourage people interested in SFRAW to shop at the warehouse first as non-members a few times before making a decision to join the group. Most people quickly join SFRAW as it makes financial sense after a few shopping trips to become a member and get the 30% discount.


A: To join SFRAW, there are four easy steps – this can be done online or in person:

1) subscribe to our email list, which is a Yahoo Group (how we communicate with everyone)

2) fill out a form

3) pay the fee (renews annually on the date that you join – non-refundable/no prorating)



At this point, before volunteering, you can get the discounted membership rate and just walk-in to shop from available inventory 7-days a week. You are also eligible for our FREE SFRAW Masters Mentoring program and various educational opportunities.



To place custom orders through the full catalog, have items held/reserved for you from available inventory, and (for those that live outside of SF) to qualify for FREE volunteer based delivery to various hosted pick-up locations, you need to first complete a 4-hour shift of volunteering towards your 8-hours/year volunteer requirement.

SFRAW members immediately enjoy several key benefits when they join (steps 1 through 3):

– 30% off regular retail prices

– FREE Mentoring and educational events

After volunteering (the final, 4th step), members qualify for additional benefits such as:

– Ability to place holds/reserves on products from our available inventory at-hand

– Pre-order from our full catalog of products that we sell for custom ordering of whatever you need

– FREE delivery of your CUSTOM ORDER (order whatever you’d like – no minimums, etc.) to locations throughout Northern CA with other member’s orders getting delivered by volunteers to hosted pick-up locations once per month (requires ordering according to our order/pick-up schedule for these deliveries).

Lastly, for SFRAW members, we also offer door-to-door delivery service done by us for you. There is no minimum and you can order whatever you need. The cost is $25 + $1/mile to any location in the greater SF Bay Area.

Hope this helps. Thank you for your patience while we get the new systems in place.  Please, come visit any time – we look forward to meeting you and supporting you and your animals! Let us know if you have any other questions.


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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Register Now! SFRAW’s 2nd Raw Feeding Workshop for Puppies 🐶 🐾 | Sunday 8/14 9:00am – 11:30am

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“Big or small, we feed them all!”
A Hands-on Workshop on Preparing Raw Meals & Nutrition for Your Puppy’s First Year
DATE: SUNDAY August 14th, 2016
TIME: 9:00AM-11:30AM

DESCRIPTION: Your puppy’s first year is a critical period of development that will significantly influence and determine the outcome of their mental, behavioral and physical health for the rest of their lives. During this crucial first year, the nutrition, handling, and rearing choices that you make will have a lasting outcome.

The first part of this workshop will provide a brief overview of basic Natural Rearing principles and suggestions for setting your puppy up for success from a holistic perspective.

The second part of our workshop provides a hands-on experience where we show you how to put together a sample menu/diet and provide ideal nutrition for your puppy from weaning through the first 12-months of age. While making food, we will answer all of your general questions, discuss transitioning your puppy to raw, and preparing raw diets on a practical level. You will pick-up practical tips and tricks from seasoned raw feeders on how to feed fresh foods properly and how to manage every-day feeding with ease.

Participants will prepare a meal that they can take home to feed their puppy.

The third part of this workshop is a guided tour of SFRAW where we will help identify specific products that are particularly well-suited for puppies during that first year of life (including recreational chews, supplements and fresh food ingredients). Suggested shopping lists will be provided.

Participants are welcome to make purchases after class. Non-member participants are offered a one-time referral shopping discount (30% off/member pricing level) for any purchases made that day..

Space is limited to 12 participants (6 food prep stations will be set-up with two people per station).

Cost for the seminar includes food/ingredients, packaging and supplies involved in making the food you’ll take home. Please let us know in advance if your pet has any food allergies or intolerances so we will have ingredients that will work for your pet ready for you.

Terra Nova is a very happy, healthy Raw Fed Bulldog puppy!
41 day old Ibizan Hound Puppies! Raw Fed/Naturally Reared "Puppy Culture" Litter - few pups available to just the right raw feeding families.
“41 day old Ibizan Hound Puppies! A Raw Fed/Naturally Reared, “Puppy Culture” Litter from two health tested AKC Champions. These will be amazing adults due to the outstanding care and nutrition provided to them before/during their first weeks with their breeder, Crystal Hannah. Inquiries welcome — we hope one or two of them might end up as future SFRAW members!”


Be sure to Follow our blog and post a comment if you have any questions or feedback to contribute! If you feel so inclined, you can choose to share any of our blog posts on Facebook, Twitter or by emailing to friends. Thank you!


We strongly advise every single breeder and puppy parent to watch these videos about the most critical period of development for your puppy: birth to 12 weeks of age. The first 12-weeks is the most critical period of socialization and learning for puppies and what happens during this time will determine/dramatically influence your puppy’s future behavioral health for their lifetime. Set your puppy up for success by following this protocol!Jane Killion, author of When Pigs Fly, has assembled a team of experts to give fascinating insight, deep wisdom, and practical instruction for breeders, puppy owners or anyone else who touches puppies. Over 50 lessons are organized on a logical, week-by-week time-line to give breeders and puppy owners a clear road map for raising a puppy. The film follows one litter of puppies through the program and checks back on them over the next three years so you can see the profound, almost unbelievable results of the Puppy Culture program!
Juliette of the Herbs is a sweet/quaint documentary by director Tish Streeten that provides a portrait of the life and work of Kasie’s all-time-beloved hero, Juliette de Bairacli Levy. Juliette was a world renowned herbalist, author, breeder of Afghan hounds, friend of the Gypsies, traveler in search of herbal wisdom and the pioneer of holistic veterinary medicine. She originally published her book on Natural Rearing, The Complete Herbal Handbook for The Dog & Cat in 1955. You will find a dogeared copy forever on Kasie’s desk and at home in her bookshelf. Juliette’s book has been one of her favorite guides since she started feeding raw and Natural Rearing her own animals in 1989.
Kasie next to Saint Francis of Assisi statue in Sante Fe New Mexico

Book an appointment to meet with Kasie Maxwell (founder of SFRAW) for nutritional consultations and non-veterinary advice. Kasie will review what you are currently feeding, then will make suggestions for husbandry, food and supplements, based on her many years of experience and expertise. Kasie will provide you with specific dietary recommendations, nutritional advice & supplement suggestions for your individual pet’s needs. COST: $65 for up to 45-minutes for one animal.
Kasie has worked and lived with animals her entire life. Over the years she has worked as an assistant to a veterinary homeopath, veterinary technician and assistant, working student for an A-circuit hunter/jumper stable, trainer for a Hanoverian stable owned by a rider on the Belgian Olympic Equestrian Team, pet-sitter, wildlife rehabilitator, and has served as a foster home to many rescued animals. A vegan since 1983 and Raw Feeder since 1989, Kasie developed a strong interest in natural foods and healing, and has practiced  holistic animal husbandry for over two decades. Kasie has extensive experience with a wide range of natural modalities including the use of western herbs, natural diets, homeopathy, flower/gem essences, Reiki, acupressure, therapeutic massage, dietary supplements, and essential oils in both domestic and wild animals. Read More…
Alternatives for Animals, in Lafayette, offers true holistic veterinary care including acupuncture, whole food nutritional supplements, Chinese herbal therapy, laser therapy, homeopathy, nutrition response testing, chiropractic care, non-anesthetic dentals and bioresonance therapy for cats and dogs.  For SFRAW clients they are offering a reduced price of $85 for *new patient* exams (regularly $185).  To schedule an appointment, please call 925-283-6160 (be sure to let them know you were referred by SFRAW to get your discount!)
Information and instruction provided by SFRAW is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to replace the professional advice of your animal health care professional. Please use your good judgment.
Copyright © 2016 SFRAW, All rights reserved.

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New: Seaweed Blend for DIY Fresh Food Diets: Supplement for better pigmentation, healthy endocrine function/immune system & lots more!

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Our newest whole food supplement developed by our founder, Kasie Maxwell: SFRAW Seaweed Blend is the best way to enhance your home-prepared fresh food meals with needed iodine, minerals and vitamins that support endocrine health, the immune system, enhance coat pigmentation, aids with tissue repair, balances metabolism, fights cancer, detoxifyies the bowels, and more! Just $2/oz available in 4 oz jars…a little goes a long way!




Norwegian Kelp: rich in iodine (vital for proper thyroid/glandular function), trace minerals, protein, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamins A, B, E and D; absorbs toxins from the bowels, anti-tumor, helps remove radioactive materials from body, enhances metabolism, strengthens connective tissues/promotes tissue repair, anti-hypothyroid, anti-rheumatic, and contributes to good pigmentation (healthy skin/coat).

Organic Dulse: rich in B12, protein, minerals, potassium, magnesium, iodine, iron, potassium and vitamins B, C, D, an assortment of essential amino acids and trace elements; demulcent, detoxifier, enhances metabolism, and strengthens connective tissues.

Organic Spirulina: rich in GLA (anti-inflammatory beneficial fat for healthy skin/coat and reduces inflammation anywhere in the body), protein, vitamin C, B complex, and E, carotenoids, chlorophyll (which helps purify the blood), and phycocyanin; antioxidant that supports the immune system; anti-cancer; promotes the appetite; supports healthy eyes & vision.

Organic Wakame: good source of iodine, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, as well as folate, vitamin A, C, E, K, and B2; anti-cancer; beneficial for the heart; aids with weight control; increases production of red blood cells; energy booster.

FEEDING: Consult with your veterinarian before giving kelp to pets being treated for thyroid disorders. Do not add to foods already containing kelp. We suggest combining with SFRAW WHITE/RED GOLD EFA supplements for best results.  SUGGESTED DAILY AMOUNT

DOGS: 1/4 tsp (small); 1/2 tsp (medium), 1 tsp (large); 2 tsp (giant)

CATS: 1/8 tsp.

HANDLING: Store in a cool, dry place.


Q: Can I add this to the SFRAW Formulas or to what I am feeding now? 

A: Nope, there’s no need to because we already add these ingredients to our SFRAW Formulas!

So, unless you’re managing a specific ailment or health concern/challenge; and you have consulted with your veterinarian first about this, or/and are working closely with Kasie on a specific imbalance, we do not recommend adding this to ANY diet that already provides adequate iodine amounts in the form of kelp or other supplementation.

SFRAW Formulas already include these ingredients so adding more of these to our Formulas (or any diet that meet your dog/cat’s needs for iodine already) is not suggested.

Q: What about if I’m using your Vitality Blend, Healthy Powder, Seasonal Herbs or another pre-mix for my home-prepared diet?

A: If you prepare 100% your pet’s meals at home and already use a pre-mix such as Honest Kitchen Preference or SFRAW’s Healthy Powder, Vitality Blend and our Seasonal Herbs, you are already providing your pet with adequate amounts of what the Seaweed Blend offers. Adding our Seaweed Blend to these foods is not suggested.

Q: What about if I’m using the SFRAW Grinds, Hare-Today Grinds, EcoPawz Grinds, GreenTripe, Prather Pet/MSF Patty Mix products or if I supplement with just the SFRAW Veggie Mix (with our without Goat Milk)?

A: Yes, if you are only using our SFRAW Veggie Mix to add to a raw food blend of simple SFRAW Grinds, EcoPawz Grinds, Hare-Today Grinds, GreenTripe, Prather Pet Grind, MSF Patty Mixes or you own blend of meat/bones/organs — this is an ideal supplement for you and we encourage you to include this as part of your pet’s diet!

Q: It sounds so great but I don’t feed raw/fresh foods. I want my pet to enjoy the benefits these supplements provide, too. Can I add this to any other diet?

A: Our Seaweed Blend is intended for those that feed a 100% DIY fresh foods diet at home: for example, a home-cooked diet, prey model feeders, simple grinds of meat/bones/organs, or a BARF-style diet of meat/bones/organs + veggies & seasonal foods like goat milk, yogurt, fish & eggs.

Feeding clean, fresh, wholesome real foods to your animals is the single MOST EFFECTIVE and truly most excellent way for your animals to regain health, enjoy their best health possible with increased vitality and wellness.

We advocate and promote the notion that everyone (you, me, every animal!) should be provided the opportunity to experience the innumerable benefits of clean, whole/fresh & REAL food, through species appropriate nutrition. 

If you feed kibble, canned or any commercially prepared “balanced” and processed foods, we do not recommend this supplement. Further, we recommend you consider switching to fresh foods – you won’t regret it! It’s easier than you think and there are so many different ways to go about it — we will help you find a way that will work best for you and your animals!

If you feed 80/10/10 style of meat/bones/organs or a fresh foods diet prepared at home without kelp already included, this is the supplement for you! If you don’t already supplement these types of meals with superfoods/seaweeds, then adding our Seaweed Blend to these meals is highly suggested!

We strongly encourage you to include this in your pet’s meals for the many wonderful benefits seaweeds provide — our Seaweed Blend is a beautifully balanced blend of these wonderful “superfoods”: made with love and care, this is nutrient rich, clean/organic, tested free from contaminants/radiation and heavy metals, and from the best possible sources in the world — it is an awesome and really beneficial addition to these meals/diets!

We think you will see a noticeable change in your pet’s skin/coat condition (especially pigmentation), tissue repair, energy, metabolism, endocrine and immune system function. However, if you are not satisfied — all of the SFRAW made products come with a 100% guarantee! You can return for credit or replacement for any reason — we stand behind what we make 100%.

As an aside: Kasie, a vegan that eats predominantly raw foods, attributes her healthy gums & white teeth to the regular consumption of seaweeds herself and feels confident that her new Seaweed Blend will provide great benefits to your animal family members as well!  Dogs and cats usually like the taste, and just a little sprinkle is all you need to enjoy the wonderful benefits they provide!

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Member Profiles: True’s Turnaround + inspirational updates from members with the same issue/on our Custom Meal & suggested protocols!

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We are absolutely over-the-moon to receive this outstanding, totally inspirational update from a wonderful member, Dianne Morey, about her beloved Bearded Collie superstar, True. I am just so happy that True responded so beautifully to his Custom Meals, and is doing so great with the change to his diet and the addition of a few supplements.

What an inspiration True is! Also — wow — Dianne’s images are simply stunning.


Enjoy! We hope you are as uplifted and inspired as we are to hear this happy and hopeful news.

Our 16 1/2 year old best dog ever True was diagnosed with renal failure in January at his semi annual check up (we try to do blood work 2-3 times for our dogs when they get to be about 13). His past values had been excellent and the new bloodwork showed a dramatic change in his creatine and bun levels and lowered protein levels. We did films for cancer, urine tests and took him off of metacam and started him on adequen injections for his joint pain. I struggled with getting his diet right for awhile and he wasn’t doing well at all, his levels were worse at his recheck 3 weeks later. 😦 Then I found out from my wonderful friend Erika that our local raw pet food co-op San Francisco Raw Feeders (SFRAW) makes custom meals raw for dogs. I put him on it immediately. 2 months later all of his levels are back in normal range. I cannot possibly thank the gorgeous and brilliant Kasie Maxwell enough for her help, guidance, the great food she makes and for the community she has built. I’m also feeding him tripe (available st SFRAW) and giving him the renal essentials supplements from Vetriscience and I try to make sure he’s getting filtered water as much as possible. And I have activated charcoal tablets for when he’s being naughty at the beach and eating things like the feet off of a dead raccoon OMG or a dead baby shark OMG. He’s looking really good these days. True 4 Ever ‪#‎olddogsrule‬

Oh my goodness, right??!!! What a very happy, inspirational story his is! We are just beyond touched by Dianne’s kind words; and absolutely thrilled that he’s responded so well and is doing so great!  We are humbled and honored to be a part of Team True!
The truth is, True is not the only dog we have had such incredible recovery and response with our custom meals with this very condition. Read below…


Bea RiceMy senior Bichon, George, was diagnosed with renal failure in March of this year, his blood levels were high. We started him on CRF by SF Raw and tripe after Erika told us about it. His blood levels are greatly improved and are heading to normal range. He is doing great!” We are so happy t hear how George continued to do well and make improvements despite the incredible difficulties he has endured.  Go George! 


Long-time member and friend, Ananda Fong, has plans for her sweet, dear little Indian street dog rescue, Snoopy to live to be 30 years of age since her full & complete turn-around after going on our CRF Custom Meals, GreenTripe, our suggested renal supplement protocol, in addition to other holistic therapies that have completely transformed this senior back to 100% health/normal test results for several years now! Snoopy is doing absolutely wonderfully, seems half her age and her lab tests are all within normal range — YAY! Go Snoopy – we know you can make it to 30!!! You’re doing great; you have proven to be an incredibly resilient and courageous spirit in the face of so many challenges throughout your lifetime (cancer, infection, abuse/neglect). Hers is a wonderful story of transformation by the rescue, love and care provided by your person. Well done, Ananda!
DC Wildwings Shameless
Long-time member and dear friend, Lynn Sandor’s record breaking, ALL STAR German Wirehaired Pointer superstar celebrity dog, Gus, another one of our favorite SFRAW thriving seniors, experienced an alarming sudden change in his renal function over a year ago; we were all very concerned about dear Gus because he really wasn’t feeling well. But, thankfully, we were able to quickly return his health and chemistry values back to normal by simply implementing changes to his diet (our Custom CRF Diet) alone. He is feeling much better now! Gus is an incredible dog and we are honored to have him (and his equally amazing person) as SFRAW members. As an elder gentleman, Gus is doing very well. His renal issues have completely resolved with changes to his diet alone. Amazing! So inspiring! Go GUS!
We decided to share some of these stories with our Blog followers with the hopes that if you are facing health challenges with your dog or cat, we want you to know there may be hope for your dear animal to feel better, even when things seem quite dire! We are happy to help in any way that we can by working with you, your animal (under the direct care of your holistic veterinarian) to provide dietary suggestions/foods and herbal or natural supplements that may make your pet feel better and hopefully enjoy many more good days ahead.

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New Local Producer: Gefion Gamebird & Rabbit (registered organic prey model quail, quail eggs & rabbit)

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Gefion Gamebird quail eggs are ideally purchased with quail egg scissors ($2.50/ea). Quail eggs have thin – very beautiful – shells, and a thick inner membrane, so cracking them without quail egg scissors often results in a crushed egg rather than an intact egg yolk/white. We sell these nifty little scissors at the register!

We’re VERY excited to get our very first delivery of locally produced, registered organic, humanely handled and carefully cared for quail & quail eggs from our very own member, Shay Williams operating as Gefion Gamebird & Rabbits (registered organic by the CDFA!)

Below please find what we have available for this first delivery (more to come – including rabbits in the future!) with SFRAW member prices (walk-in/non-members are welcome to purchase anything we sell in store for 30% over listed price):

Gefion Gamebird & Rabbit Quail Eggs – doz $5.88 EA
Gefion Gamebird & Rabbit Quail Large, 5/PK $33.25 EA
Gefion Gamebird & Rabbit Quail Medium, 5/pk $28.00 EA
Gefion Gamebird & Rabbit Quail Small, 5/PK $24.50 EA


Exceptional husbandry, outstanding care has been put into every bag of prey model feeders and dozen of beautiful eggs; these quail and rabbits are meticulously produced by one of our own! We are so excited and proud to be her first account! @sfraw #buylocal #buygmofree #buyorganic #preymodelraw #gamebirdsforhealth #quaileggsforall #quaileggsaresupernutrientdense

We have the small, medium and large quail in stock — quail egg scissors and will get a fresh/restock delivery of the already SOLD OUT quail eggs this week.

More about this wonderful SFRAW member/producer:

Shanna (Shay) Williams has been an animal lover and advocate since childhood and has been a caretaker for feathered, hooved, scaled and furry creatures great and small. Shay was a wildlife rehabilitator for a number of years and discovered Cotournix quail as a wonderful food source while rehabilitating raptors.
Shay started breeding quail and rabbits at her small suburban farm to feed her family and pets, believing the most respectful way to eat meat is to care for it yourself. Shay began feeding her dogs a raw diet in 2015.
Shay’s rabbits are a medium heritage breed of Champagne d’Argent and a larger breed, New Zealand Red. She breeds Cotournix quail for meat and fresh eggs.
All of Shay’s animals are fed a 100% organic feed from Modesto Milling, supplemented with fresh vegetables, greens and grasses and never require hormones or antibiotics. The farm has received its Certificate of Organic Registration issued through the CA Department of Food and Agriculture. Shay follows PETA’s guidelines for painless and humane processing of her animals.
Shay Williams, San Mateo, CA

We have a lot to share with you about the unique qualities of quail & quail eggs, including:

  1. Quail & quail eggs are considered suitable and safe for those with chicken allergies/food intolerances – quail is a great alternative!
  2. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, quail eggs and quail are both considered neutral proteins (energetically); a perfect balance between yin/yang and suitable for all animals. Quail meat is known to tonify qi, check diarrhea, strengthen the tendons and bones. The TCM properties of quail are: sweet, neutral; meridians entered include large intestine, spleen, lung, kidney, liver and heart.quail4lunch
  3. Their small size (both the eggs & the quail) makes them ideal for easy supplementing & feeding to all of your animals, but especially nice for your small dogs & cats regular meals. Five quail eggs equal approximately one single chicken egg, so you can add a quail egg to your littles’ meals as a nice variety and nutrition boost to their regular diet without altering/adjusting their regular meals. Alternatively, a whole quail is the perfect complete/balanced meal for any prey model cat or dog; and Shay has delivered quail of various sizes so you can get just the right meal size for your animal. Yes, they eat it ALL – even the feathers! Learn more about the benefits of this feeding style here.
  4. When compared to chicken eggs, quail eggs have 2% more protein and 5 times higher iron content. One quail egg contains six times more vitamin B1 and 15 times more vitamin B2 than a chicken egg. They are a good source of easy to assimilate protein and also contain vitamins D and B12, selenium, choline, folate, panthothenic acid, and phosphorus, as well.
  5. Quail eggs have a higher yolk to white ratio than chicken eggs – so they are slightly richer in the beneficial fats and minerals found in yolks; nutrients that support a healthy skin/coat and immune system.
  6. Interestingly, unlike chicken eggs, quail eggs do not carry the risk of salmonella due to an increased amount of lysozyme; lysozyme kills harmful bacteria. The body temperature of quail are higher than that of chickens, another reason why they don’t contain common harmful bacteria.
  7. Followers of TCM Food Therapy (Traditional Chinese Medicine) suggest eating three to five quail eggs each morning to promote a strong immune system and improve metabolism.
  8. A home remedy for stomach aches is to consume raw quail eggs with warm water as a medicinal drink. Next time you or your animal are suffering from tummy troubles, try it out!
  9. Quail eggs may help to speed up recuperation after a blood stroke and are known for having a medicinal action on the heart by maintaining strong cardiac muscles.
  10. Some have experienced the healing of ulcers and gastritis after taking quail eggs; others believe that these little eggs can help to prevent cancer growth and treat diabetes.
  11. In TCM, quail is used to counter diarrhea caused by spleen deficiency, whooping cough, rheumatic arthritis, infantile malnutrition. In the TCM context, it is recommended to avoid eating quail along with pork while addressing specific energetic imbalances in the body.

While some of these claims are not supported by scientific research yet, traditional/time-honored/folk concepts, knowledge, methods and ideas about medicinal actions specific whole foods can have on the body/our health often do end up being confirmed or explained by science after all. We are not in the position to make health claims; we are simply providing suggestions and information passed on through time. We encourage you to consider quail and quail eggs a beneficial and fun/novel wholesome and healthy food that you can include in the diet.

Wondering how to prepare quail eggs for your family to enjoy? Check out these recipe ideas and a nice “paleo” salad option here. (note: these recipes include ingredients, such as onions, we do not suggest for dogs/cats due to toxicity — however, your dog/cat family members will probably love and best enjoy the eggs simply served to them raw or soft-boiled!)

Enjoy in the best possible health!

Awww — check out this sweet video of a dog trying quail egg for the first time:




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On Chewing Bones for Older Dogs, Dental Health, Essential Oils to Avoid + Dangers of Raw Tubers

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The below exchange generated a lot of interest recently on our Yahoo Group and I am sharing here just in case it might be of help to others.

Q: What are good Chewing Bones for an old guy?

Our dear Francisco turned 13 this year! He has been enjoying the beef knuckle bones and the occasional calf foot for recreational chewing and to keep his teeth and gums clean. I stopped giving him any bones that had been cut a long time ago, because he would try to break off pieces and then chipped 2 of his large back teeth.

I recently learned that the Green Tripe knuckle bones are not being stocked any longer, so I am looking for suggestions for other bones that might be safe for him to chew – rounded edges are important. He gets tired of gnawing on bones more quickly than he used to, so I am concerned about his dental health. (except at Christmas when he got his last calf foot he took it outside for quite a while over 2 days and kept himself very busy!)

Alternately, I am thinking I should start brushing his teeth, but don’t like any of the canine toothpaste products in the store. they all have glycerine in them which prevents remineralization. I wonder if it would be safe to use the toothsoap made for humans? Are there any essential oils that we should avoid for oral use? The toothsoap has things like clove, cinnamon, fennel, wintergreen, etc. depending on the flavor. Rupam said she could make an unflavored version.

His gums and teeth look ok, but I think they could look better with regular chewing. He pulled a parsnip out of the grocery bag yesterday to chew on (he hardly ever does that, haha!) and it was a bit bloodied, so I am concerned his gums need some attention.

Looking forward to feedback!



A: Hi Deborah!  Congratulations on Francisco turning 13!!!  What an achievement – from the last time I saw him, he’s doing wonderfully! He looks and feels great — a very youthful 13, indeed, thanks to all your loving and exceptionally attentive, good care.


Francisco just before his 13th Birthday — volunteering at SFRAW!

We sell knuckle bones, but they are not necessarily as round/uniform in size and small as the ones GT had. They are inexpensive, just $1.83/lb from BN Ranch (“regular beef bones” from great truly pastured source). We also have gelatinous beef bones from Marin Sun Farms ($4.37/lb) which have a good amount of cartilage attached (some people may refer to them as “kneecaps”) — these are softer for a recreational choice, and work well for many older dogs with the extra cartilage (joint supporting); so long as they can tolerate the fat content of these bones, and do not bite down hard to chew (being the weight bearing bones of large herbivores, they may break teeth).


Have you tried the whole raw trachea from We’ve been getting these again recently and they are good (a lot of people stuff them but they can be fed as is as a pretty easy chew that is not a risk for their teeth at all); their raw hooves are also excellent and very safe to feed. Indeed, their raw hooves are the only chew type product that I feel is actually safe to leave unattended. They are an excellent choice.


We love the raw hooves from! Great for stuffing, we often refer to them as “Nature’s Kong”.

I don’t know if you’ve considered it before, but for dental health/teeth cleaning, I have come to use the following cuts of meats because they are tough/chewy and/or gritty, yet boneless. They can really help clean teeth because of the texture of these muscle fibers, and make for a great chewing option for individuals that are not great candidates for eating whole bones, especially when you feed these cuts in big pieces and frozen:

– Tongue (beef, lamb)

– Cheeks (beef)

– Gizzards (turkey, chicken or duck)

– Beef tendons (special order)

Larger, more complicated bones such as whole duck carcass, whole turkey carcass, lamb heads, and even the lamb breasts or whole lamb necks — all make for nice recreational chewing options for medium/lg sized dogs while also being soft enough to not do damage to the teeth. Feeding these cuts whole/big (and frozen) is an extra trick to making them last longer, and have the animal spend more time on chewing, if needed.

You may also want to look at the oxtails (when available – they can be hard to come by) and bison tails — when whole and not cut into small rounds.  They are a nice option for older dogs, too.

Have you tried the Himalayan dog chews (it is a super hard cheese product made from yak milk)? None of my own dogs have liked them and they are expensive, but they are very popular with some dogs.  I like that they are clean and non-smelly/non-staining — it’s nice to just leave out and so they can chew when they feel the need.  Same goes for the antler chews — there are a number of options for these (deer, elk, etc.) and they have many of the same benefits for stability, being clean and non-staining/non-smelly.  (We don’t have them in stock, but we can order them for you, if you’d like.)

Lastly, our list of RMB feeding suggestions can be found here (it has lists for different circumstances for different dogs/cats — you may see something here that sounds good).

Regarding the tooth powder/dentifrice: Below please find my “go to” list of “Essential Oils to Avoid” that can be found in my favorite book on this topic, Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals by Kristen Leigh Bell. (Remember: ALL essential oils are unsafe for felines and should be avoided entirely)



Bitter Almond






Clove (although I make exceptions for very pure/exceptionally high quality, very diluted, for topical use in small amounts)

Crested Lavender




Hyssop (use decumbens variety only – OK)

Juniper (use Juniper Berry only – OK)





Red or White Thyme





Tea Tree






Her list is fairly conservative but I appreciate a cautionary approach when working with these substances because they are so concentrated and powerful. The risk of toxicity and how dramatically they can act upon the body is not something to be taken casually. She does not recommend EOs for internal use, so I’ll let you decide if you’d feel comfortable with EOs in a dentifrice.

Your question came at a good time as I JUST posted my recipe for tooth powder on our blog here.  As you can see, I use herbs rather than essential oils in my recipe; I think this is much safer while providing excellent benefits.

Lastly, the mention of the parsnip prompts me to just gently remind all readers to be very careful of dogs ingesting large pieces of hard root vegetables (sweet potato, for example – a common culprit in bowl obstructions that require surgical intervention to remove) as they can and do cause very serious obstructions. These foods are not digestible for dogs when raw and whole; they need to be cooked/mashed or ground finely/juiced in order to be digested by a dog’s system.  On this thread — I hope people reading also know that corn cobs are seriously deadly (if ingested); as are any large pits (like avocado seeds) – these pose a risk for possible obstruction.

Few Helpful Links: Here’s a pretty cool article about how to best proceed when faced with a foreign body ingestion situation with your dog and a blog post of someone sharing their story about their dog eating a corn cob (warning: it’s a very relevant story which I think would resonate with many readers, but unfortunately, she uses a lot of swear words throughout, which may offend some people. Fair warning made here, so you are aware of the language used before clicking though.

Hope this helps!  Here’s to gleaming fresh and healthy teeth/gums for Francisco!




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