‘Tis the Season for Love Broth

We’ve been making batches of Kasie’s amazing bone broth the past few weeks to help heal some ailments & injuries; we’ve found it to be very healing as well as being super delicious. The original recipe has evolved a bit since we’ve been making batches every few days so we thought we’d share what we’ve settled on as being the best batch with you here.

Kasie’s Love Broth – made with lots of love to heal from the inside!

Suitable for dogs, cats & people, too. Excellent for recovery during illness, increasing nutrition during stressful periods, after surgery or proceeding digestive upset of any kind. Can be used during cleansing or fasting periods, too. If you follow the preparation instructions carefully, this special homemade bone broth will be full of colloidal calcium and bioavailable nutrients.

Here’s how to make it:

• 2-3 lbs. of pastured chicken heads & feet

• 2-4 pastured chicken backs

• 3-4 pastured chicken thighs or 2-4 grass-finished marrow or gelatinous beef bones

If using beef bones; we recommend roasting them first. This contributes to a richer flavor.

• Filtered water

Use enough water to cover all the bones in a big broth pot; fill up the pot so that there’s an extra 2-3 inches of water above the bones.

• 6 oz. organic tomato paste

• 1 bay leaf

• 3-4 springs of fresh herbs: rosemary, parsley, oregano, thyme, sage

• 4-6 cloves of fresh garlic, pressed

• 1-2 tsp. dried celery, fennel and/or coriander seeds

STEP ONE:  Put all bones into a soup pot large enough so the bones fill the pot only 3/4 to halfway. Cover with water until water is one to two inches above the bones. Cover the pot loosely (tip the lid) and add some LOVE. Bring to a boil and then drop the temperature a bit to a rolling simmer. Simmer for five hours, occasionally lovingly breaking up the chicken and adding more water, if necessary. During the last hour remove the lid and let the water cook down until the bones are barely covered.

STEP TWO: Pour broth & the bones through a colander above a large bowl to collect the broth and separate out the bones. Cool the broth to room temperature, and then store in refrigerator. Lovingly place the bones back into the pot & pour enough cold water over the bones to cover. When it is cool enough for you to be able to touch knead, squeeze, and stir the bones around in the water to get all the good out of the meat and into the water. This is where you can really add a lot of love to your broth – so be sure and think healing thoughts during this most crucial step. The water will begin to look milky, which is what you want. Pour this broth off into a strainer and press the bones & meat, wringing all the nutrition out of the meat & bones into the broth. Transfer this milky broth into the bowl with the first batch of broth.

STEP THREE: Place the bones back into your pot and crack them up so they form a fairly compact mass in the bottom of the pan. Cover the bones with water and lovingly add the tomato paste, herbs & garlic. Bring to a boil and simmer for one-two hours – stir occasionally and think good thoughts every time you tend to the pot.

STEP FOUR: Strain the bones from the broth one last time, and add this broth with the other broth & stir to combine well. Throw the bones & herbs away.

When cool enough to do so, pour the finished broth into glass Mason jars or freezer safe plastic containers. This recipe should make about 3, 64 oz. jars worth of broth.

Store enough for 3-4 days worth of broth in glass jars in the refrigerator; store the rest in the freezer (regular Mason jars or glass jars will shatter, so make sure to use freezer-safe containers) to be thawed, as needed.

To thaw, stand the container in a bowl of hot water or allow to thaw in the refrigerator for a day or two. Please do not microwave your good broth!

To serve, heat the broth on the store on low heat. If you did everything right, when cool, this broth should look like jelly and be quite solid but it will liquefy quickly when gently heated. There will be a nice thick layer of orange fat on the top of the broth and a gritty bottom layer of minerals – both are super nutritious and completely edible. If serving to people, you may offer some pink salt to enhance the flavor – it may need salt for people that enjoy salted foods.

Additional notes: Feel free to use other meat sources besides chicken & beef. Kasie has used goat, beef and pork with great success. You could also use ¼ cup Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar in place of the tomato paste. Experiment with different herbs & have fun!

Ceramic heart by Victoria Vargas.

Be sure to add all kinds of love to this broth at every step – it’s the most important ingredient in this healing elixir!

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