Cool New Product! Whole Pieces of Raw Green Tripe

IMAG2942We have an exciting new product we’re thrilled to offer from our friends at Prather Ranch — unbleached/unscalded/unground raw green tripe packed into 5-7 lb bags for $3.75/lb. 

We have a very limited supply available this weekend IN STOCK NOW – please come by to try it out while supplies last! If we have enough interest, we will plan to buy more and keep this product in stock ongoing.

This is USDA inspected and approved unbleached, unscaled (raw) green tripe from the first two chambers of the cattle’s stomachs (there are four chambers total and this is from the first two – rumen & reticulum). This is considered “honeycomb” tripe. The tripe we get from is USDA inspected, grass-finished whole tripe that has been ground up – they include both the upper & lower chambers (which contain the “pre-poop” smellier sections/material called omasum & abomasum). The upper sections of their stomach are mostly pink/red in color and not as scary looking as you might think  🙂 — the bags are reasonably sized and packaged nicely/clean.

This tripe product has been inspected for foreign objects (like metal or rocks, which can end up in a cow’s stomachs from their grazing activity); tested for e. coli and other harmful bacteria; and inspected by the USDA for cysts and parasites.

This is a really cool new thing you can try feeding your dog — it is in large-ish pieces and would be an excellent selection for a high value, boneless chewable meal for puppies, adults or older dogs.

Tripe is a study/tough, ribbed textured muscle meat that requires quite a bit of effort for dogs to chew through. This will provide a great workout that will adequately meet your dog’s chewing requirements safely, without the risk of breaking a tooth or any of the other risks associated with feeding raw bones, and will help promote both dental and gut health.

Tripe is a great choice for any dog needing a highly digestible, low-fat, well-tolerated, exceedingly palatable meal.

Tripe is also a good protein choice for any dog with renal issues/insufficiency. (more here)

Tripe has a naturally balanced ca:ph ratio and so it can be fed alone “as is” – you do not need to be concerned about balancing tripe meals.

Prather Beef InformationPrather’s beef program is exceptionally stringent with regards to their standards for quality, humane handling, and purity.

Prather cattle are:

* certified Humane by the Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) program;

* never ever treated with hormones or antibiotics (from birth to harvest);

* cattle are given USA sourced supplemental trace minerals and beneficial probiotics to promote health (this makes for even better tripe!); 

* single source traceability for each animal (unique ID within 24-hours of birth);

* DNA tested Angus/Herford;

* closed herd biosecurity program;

* Raised locally and exclusively on 40,000 acres across Macodel, Fall river and Northern Sacramento Valley;

* majority of feed grown on-site;

* raised on certified organic pasture & then finished for 120 days on a custom blend of barley, rice, alfalfa & timothy hay – NO corn, NO soy!);

* pastured have been certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF);

* beef is carefully harvested and hand-cut by their own artisan meat processors in their own USDA inspected, hospital/medical product grade facility;




Kasie Maxwell



SFRAW / Rara Avis

250 Napoleon Street, Unit G

San Francisco, CA 94124

W: 415-225-0589

F: 866-332-2698


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