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Last Call: SFRAW Member exclusive! Discounted enrollment on DNM University’s Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist Certification Course!

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Become A Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist with Dogs Naturally University & SFRAW! (and, as a SFRAW member, get an exclusive discount – see below…)

Become the best by learning from the best! Learn all about this new program here.

And, if you are already a current, dues-paying, participating SFRAW Member, we have a special deal exclusively for our current membership – but you have to sign-up now!


Dogs Naturally put together SPECIAL pricing, exclusively for SFRAW members!

If you enroll now, as a current SFRAW member, you’ll get certified for only: $147!  

WOW! That’s a HUGE savings over the $395 standard tuition for personal enrollment.

Important details on this great discount: If you are a current, dues paying SFRAW member, we will gladly organize your enrollment with this pricing, but only if you are already an active participating SFRAW member.

Can I just join SFRAW now to get the discount? No, sorry – we are not offering this discount to non-members. We intend for this program to be a very special offer and exclusive benefit to our current, active, and established membership only.

Timing is Everything! We are now finalizing the group purchase for the discounted registration — but you can still register this week!

The cut-off for SFRAW registration is Sunday, JUNE 18TH. If you’re interested in joining the SFRAW team to get certified, please email or call 415-225-0589.  

Please submit (either in-person, via phone or email) the following personal details to register and pay:

  • Your First and Last Name
  • Email address
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Payment details (payment accepted via phone or in-person)

SPECIAL BONUS: SFRAW will be hosting a private after-event/study group for members for continued discussion on the topics covered in the program. We will review how DNM University’s recommended nutritional goals and needs can be achieved with the products we offer through SFRAW and/or through the educated, thoughtful procurement of certain foods. This private platform will allow Kasie to provide insights on the various topics covered, which will allow for an even greater depth of understanding and knowledge to SFRAW members becoming certified.

Please, join us!  Get certified and enjoy a higher level of confidence in preparing nutritious, safe and healthy meals for your dogs.




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June 14, 2017 at 11:55 am

Register Now: Naturally Safe Seminar: Raw Feeding Safely | Natural First Aid Sunday, NOV 20th (new date) at 9 AM – 12 PM

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Naturally Safe Seminar: Raw Feeding Safely | Natural First Aid 

Sunday, November 20th (new date) at 9 AM – 12 PM

Space is limited (12 participants). Cost for the seminar includes one SFRAW Basic Natural first Aid kits for each participants (FREE); a limited supply of additional kits will be available to purchase for a fee.

Location: San Francisco Raw Feeders (SFRAW)

250 Napoleon St, Unit G, San Francisco, California 94124

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September 14, 2016 at 1:05 pm

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Register Now! SFRAW’s 2nd Raw Feeding Workshop for Puppies 🐶 🐾 | Sunday 8/14 9:00am – 11:30am

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“Big or small, we feed them all!”
A Hands-on Workshop on Preparing Raw Meals & Nutrition for Your Puppy’s First Year
DATE: SUNDAY August 14th, 2016
TIME: 9:00AM-11:30AM

DESCRIPTION: Your puppy’s first year is a critical period of development that will significantly influence and determine the outcome of their mental, behavioral and physical health for the rest of their lives. During this crucial first year, the nutrition, handling, and rearing choices that you make will have a lasting outcome.

The first part of this workshop will provide a brief overview of basic Natural Rearing principles and suggestions for setting your puppy up for success from a holistic perspective.

The second part of our workshop provides a hands-on experience where we show you how to put together a sample menu/diet and provide ideal nutrition for your puppy from weaning through the first 12-months of age. While making food, we will answer all of your general questions, discuss transitioning your puppy to raw, and preparing raw diets on a practical level. You will pick-up practical tips and tricks from seasoned raw feeders on how to feed fresh foods properly and how to manage every-day feeding with ease.

Participants will prepare a meal that they can take home to feed their puppy.

The third part of this workshop is a guided tour of SFRAW where we will help identify specific products that are particularly well-suited for puppies during that first year of life (including recreational chews, supplements and fresh food ingredients). Suggested shopping lists will be provided.

Participants are welcome to make purchases after class. Non-member participants are offered a one-time referral shopping discount (30% off/member pricing level) for any purchases made that day..

Space is limited to 12 participants (6 food prep stations will be set-up with two people per station).

Cost for the seminar includes food/ingredients, packaging and supplies involved in making the food you’ll take home. Please let us know in advance if your pet has any food allergies or intolerances so we will have ingredients that will work for your pet ready for you.

Terra Nova is a very happy, healthy Raw Fed Bulldog puppy!
41 day old Ibizan Hound Puppies! Raw Fed/Naturally Reared "Puppy Culture" Litter - few pups available to just the right raw feeding families.
“41 day old Ibizan Hound Puppies! A Raw Fed/Naturally Reared, “Puppy Culture” Litter from two health tested AKC Champions. These will be amazing adults due to the outstanding care and nutrition provided to them before/during their first weeks with their breeder, Crystal Hannah. Inquiries welcome — we hope one or two of them might end up as future SFRAW members!”


Be sure to Follow our blog and post a comment if you have any questions or feedback to contribute! If you feel so inclined, you can choose to share any of our blog posts on Facebook, Twitter or by emailing to friends. Thank you!


We strongly advise every single breeder and puppy parent to watch these videos about the most critical period of development for your puppy: birth to 12 weeks of age. The first 12-weeks is the most critical period of socialization and learning for puppies and what happens during this time will determine/dramatically influence your puppy’s future behavioral health for their lifetime. Set your puppy up for success by following this protocol!Jane Killion, author of When Pigs Fly, has assembled a team of experts to give fascinating insight, deep wisdom, and practical instruction for breeders, puppy owners or anyone else who touches puppies. Over 50 lessons are organized on a logical, week-by-week time-line to give breeders and puppy owners a clear road map for raising a puppy. The film follows one litter of puppies through the program and checks back on them over the next three years so you can see the profound, almost unbelievable results of the Puppy Culture program!
Juliette of the Herbs is a sweet/quaint documentary by director Tish Streeten that provides a portrait of the life and work of Kasie’s all-time-beloved hero, Juliette de Bairacli Levy. Juliette was a world renowned herbalist, author, breeder of Afghan hounds, friend of the Gypsies, traveler in search of herbal wisdom and the pioneer of holistic veterinary medicine. She originally published her book on Natural Rearing, The Complete Herbal Handbook for The Dog & Cat in 1955. You will find a dogeared copy forever on Kasie’s desk and at home in her bookshelf. Juliette’s book has been one of her favorite guides since she started feeding raw and Natural Rearing her own animals in 1989.
Kasie next to Saint Francis of Assisi statue in Sante Fe New Mexico

Book an appointment to meet with Kasie Maxwell (founder of SFRAW) for nutritional consultations and non-veterinary advice. Kasie will review what you are currently feeding, then will make suggestions for husbandry, food and supplements, based on her many years of experience and expertise. Kasie will provide you with specific dietary recommendations, nutritional advice & supplement suggestions for your individual pet’s needs. COST: $65 for up to 45-minutes for one animal.
Kasie has worked and lived with animals her entire life. Over the years she has worked as an assistant to a veterinary homeopath, veterinary technician and assistant, working student for an A-circuit hunter/jumper stable, trainer for a Hanoverian stable owned by a rider on the Belgian Olympic Equestrian Team, pet-sitter, wildlife rehabilitator, and has served as a foster home to many rescued animals. A vegan since 1983 and Raw Feeder since 1989, Kasie developed a strong interest in natural foods and healing, and has practiced  holistic animal husbandry for over two decades. Kasie has extensive experience with a wide range of natural modalities including the use of western herbs, natural diets, homeopathy, flower/gem essences, Reiki, acupressure, therapeutic massage, dietary supplements, and essential oils in both domestic and wild animals. Read More…
Alternatives for Animals, in Lafayette, offers true holistic veterinary care including acupuncture, whole food nutritional supplements, Chinese herbal therapy, laser therapy, homeopathy, nutrition response testing, chiropractic care, non-anesthetic dentals and bioresonance therapy for cats and dogs.  For SFRAW clients they are offering a reduced price of $85 for *new patient* exams (regularly $185).  To schedule an appointment, please call 925-283-6160 (be sure to let them know you were referred by SFRAW to get your discount!)
Information and instruction provided by SFRAW is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to replace the professional advice of your animal health care professional. Please use your good judgment.
Copyright © 2016 SFRAW, All rights reserved.

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July 12, 2016 at 1:37 pm

GUEST SPEAKER: OLIVER STARR “PREY MODEL FEEDING FROM A WOLF EXPERT” (check out comments for link to materials & see photos from that night)

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You’re Invited to Attend This Special Event at SFRAW



Learn about prey model feeding from a well known wolf advocate, conservationist, researcher, writer/speaker, former professional athlete and SFRAW member, Oliver Starr. Oliver will speak about how he feeds his own animals: Arctic Wolf, Aqutaq and Wooly Malamute, Bixby. Through his 30-years experience of working with, researching, educating about and caring for wolves, Oliver has developed a unique raw diet and feeding program which closely replicates the diets of wild canids.

PLEASE RSVP by emailing us: or calling 415-225-0589 Space will be limited.

Oliver’s ambassador wolf, Aqutaq will be in attendance for you to meet. This is a unique opportunity to meet a wolf and learn about feeding raw from one of our own members that is an expert writer and speaker on this interesting topic.



Oliver Starr is an entrepreneur, a writer and a consultant.  He has also been a professional road and mountain bike racer, a big wave surfer, and a highly competent skier.  He is the youngest person in history to ride a registered century bike ride – an accomplishment he achieved when he was only 7 years old.  It took him over 9 hours.  Upon completion he was asked if he was tired.  He responded that he was not.  He then closed the door of the vehicle in which he was traveling, buckled his safety belt and was asleep before the car had left its parking spot.

Currently Oliver is the Executive Editor of GTDtimes, a web site that is focused on aggregating all the best news and information related to David Allen’sGetting Things Done” paradigm of personal and professional productivity.

In recent years past Oliver has been the founding blogger at two nationally recognized blogs: MobileCrunch, a TechCrunch Network Blog and The Mobile Technology Weblog.  He was also the Senior Vice President of Business Development and Chief Mobility Officer for Foldera and prior to that was the CTO of one and CEO of two other start-up ventures that he helped lead from inception to acquisition.

Educationally, Oliver’s focus has always been on the sciences with a particular interest in ethology, biology, biochemistry and kinesiology.  Oliver is nationally recognized as an authority on mobile devices as well as sports performance and pharmacological and dietary means of improving both general health and athletic performance.

He is a prolific writer and a seasoned public speaker who frequently participates in technology conferences both in the US and abroad.  Oliver can be reached at oliver at owstarr dot com or via phone at 415-704-4544.

New SFRAW Masters: Mentoring & Apprenticeship Program

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The SFRAW Masters Mentoring & Apprenticeship Program promotes and develops two fundamental goals of the SFRAW Mission:

    To cultivate a compassionate and informed community

that educate, inspire, and support one another;

    To mentor through education about feeding whole fresh food

diets to pets and Natural Rearing principles.


SFRAW Master Mentors are select members that have been involved with SFRAW for many years, and have been following a well-respected published diet program or Kasie/SFRAW’s guidelines for meals/diet program for at least 5-years, or have proven equivalent education, knowledge, and experience that puts them into this exclusive position for providing mentoring and guidance to other SFRAW members with less experience/knowledge.

Apprentices are fellow SFRAW members that are new to raw feeding and have an interest in learning more about how to make food for their animals at home, and are willing and able to assist the Mentors in preparing and packaging Mentor’s diets at SFRAW.

Our Masters Mentoring program has been established to achieve the following objectives:

1) to provide Masters free use of the SFRAW warehouse facility to prepare & package their own animal’s meals

2) to provide Masters with assistance in the form of labor Apprentices.

3) to provide an educational experience for Apprentices, so that they can confidently prepare foods for their animals at home by applying what they learned while working alongside Mentors;

4) to have fun while cultivating a community that educate, inspire, and support one another!

This is a FREE program, but it is not a formal class or workshop, nor does your time spent with your Mentor count towards your volunteer hours with SFRAW.

Mentors will provide and purchase all their own ingredients from SFRAW and packaging, as needed/necessary. Apprentices will not be making/preparing food for their own animals during these sessions, but are there to provide labor assistance to the Mentor in exchange for learning from them.

Mentors will schedule time when they are planning to make food and will announce this schedule to the membership list where members can reply directly to the Mentor to be considered as an Apprentice. Dates & times for these sessions will take place when SFRAW is closed for regular business (not during regular business hours).

SFRAW Masters Credentials and Bios

Cooking up something delicious in her “I ❤ SFRAW” apron, designed & handmade by member Victoria Vargas.

Jovie on her 10th birthday!

Jovie on her 10th birthday!

Cabernet Lazarus-Gavin (member since 2006) feeds her three healthy rescue dogs Blueberry (6yo/6lb/chi mix), Skeeter (4yo/60lb/GodKnowsWhat) & Jovie (10(!!!!)yo/40lb/lab/bc/pointer) a home-prepared raw diet by diligently following the SFRAW/Kasie’s diet program. She knows how to prepare appropriate raw meals & make safe bone selections for large, tiny and senior dogs.  She has been an active volunteer for many years, frequently taking on a lead position when working with groups of volunteers at SFRAW. She has mad skills when it comes to food making – especially in terms of efficiency and precision.  She’s an excellent cook, and has a deep appreciation and has developed a rather refined palate for healthy, whole foods & drink. She follows not only the SFRAW dietary principles and program, but also follows Natural Rearing protocols for her dogs. Cabernet is a native San Franciscan that works with her healing hands as a massage therapist. She spends a lot of time frolicking at the beach with the dogs, and knitting amazing things. In a past life she was a ballroom dancer, saddle-seat equestrian, and is a trained singer who can belt out tunes like a professional on Broadway (really, it’s aaamazing!) She has solid skills & knowledge regarding dog behavior and training, too.  Cabernet is funny, witty, sassy and of course, very smart. She’s all around awesome and anyone that mentors under her will walk away with a song and a smile in their heart, and new set of skills and confidence in their food making abilities.

Blueberry loves his raw hoof.

Blueberry loves his raw hoof.

Skeeter, the athlete, stops for a treat & photo at the beach!

Skeeter, the athlete, stops for a treat & photo at the beach!













Giants fan


Laura Goldin (member since 2007) has been involved with Belgian Tervuren/Shepherds since 1986. Laura partners with her mom, Martha Goldin. They currently makes food for Laura’s 8 year old, 45 lb Tervuren Chyna and Martha’s 7 year old, 60 lb Groendahl, Calypso. Over the years, Laura and Martha have, between them, parented 6 other Belgians. Before Belgians there were other breeds! They feed a home-prepared raw diet by following a modified version of the SFRAW/Kasie’s diet program, which has been reviewed by Kasie for balance and safety. When needed, they treat their animals’ imbalances using classical homeopathy, herbs, dietary supplements and TCM. Laura Goldin is a mediator and lawyer with a practice in San Francisco, California with over 35 years’ experience in mediation. Laura is a fair, kindhearted, compassionate and principled professional who seeks to maintain very high standards while discovering resolution and equitable compromise in everything she does. She has graciously counseled SFRAW on legal matters over the years, and clocked-in more than her fair share of volunteering at the warehouse. Martha, well over 80 years “old” and still keeping up with Calypso, is a retired Judge. Both make regular visits to family in France; it only makes sense that they are refined gastronomes and connoisseurs of exceptional food & drink. In the kitchen, if Laura’s not preparing meals for lucky dogs, she enjoys skillfully roasting her own organic coffee beans, and fermenting veggies for krauts – essentially, making everything from scratch using real, whole foods. Martha puts many far younger cooks to shame with her culinary skills. Both are wicked knitters. Laura is a committed Giants fan (Martha thinks she should be committed for this obsession). Both are serious about politics/how policy can affect meaningful change in the world. Both have a love for all dogs (of any breed) and are very dedicated to their wellness, health and good care.


Chyna ❤ yarn day!


Chyna as a youngster in 2008.


Foraging berries in San Francisc








ELIGIBILITY:  Any SFRAW member that is new to feeding raw may request to be involved as Apprentice!  Please contact us at: or call us at: 415-225-0589.

We will put you in touch with either Cabernet or Laura. They will coordinate with you to see if their schedule works for you and if it’s a good fit for you to work together.

Cabernet will be making food Sunday mornings every three weeks or so; Laura’s schedule is currently pending until after the World Series 🙂

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Register for Our Spring & Summer 2014 Classes & Workshops Now

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Please go here to register for our 2014 classes and workshops in advance:

We request all attendees to pre-register for every class they’d like to attend, even the free classes, so we can prepare for how many people will be there and make the most of our time spent with our participants.  You can pre-register up to 12-hours before the class time. Thank you!

Below are photos from last year’s classes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope to see you at one (or more) of our educational events this year!

In preparation for the FREE Introduction to Feeding Raw to Cats event this Sunday, please enjoy this tidbit about taurine in the feline diet:

You may have heard just how vitally important the amino acid TAURINE is in the feline diet. While animal protein generally contains adequate taurine levels for cats when served fresh and raw, you may not know that cooking, grinding, freezing and long-term storage all diminish the viability of taurine in fresh foods and absorption of this vital nutrient may be inhibited when fed along with many common non-animal derived foods/fiber.

Taurine is essential for maintaining normal vital body functions in the feline including: vision, digestion, heart muscle function, to maintain normal pregnancy and fetal development, and to maintain a healthy immune system. The life-threatening damages of taurine deficiency can take up two years to develop – it is slow to progress. A lack of adequate taurine in the diet is very dangerous and taurine deficiency can lead to blindness and heart failure due to enlargement of the heart. Fortunately, feeding a diet of fresh, raw, meats will ensure and maintain adequate taurine levels. Thus, taurine deficiency related diseases are totally avoidable by feeding fresh, raw whole foods (particularly heart muscle meat). However, many people supplement with this essential nutrient, just to be safe (general recommendation is to supplement with 35 and 250 mg a day, or 500-1,000 mg 1-2 times a week). Taurine is easy to find, affordable and safely tolerated at even higher than recommended doses in the feline.

Interestingly, one of the foods highest in taurine is living insects! Did you know the wild feline diet consists of up to 15% live insects? Yes, nature takes care to provide abundant vital nutrients to our feline friends when they hunt & consume insects. My own cat, Briar, enjoys eating many bugs as part of his varied diet. Because I have turtles as part of our family, Briar enjoys many different types of insects during the spring and summer season (crickets, mealworms, wax worms, superworms, butterworms). He also enjoys catching moths and flies, and will eat spiders whenever he can. Here’s a video of Briar gobbling up butterworms; a fruity smelling, soft bodied insect high in fat and calcium (although butterworms are not as high in taurine as crickets, flies or spiders):

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Our 2014 Order & Pick-up Calendar PLUS Spring & Summer Workshops & Classes Schedule Now Available!

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2014 Member Ordering & Pick-up Calendar

Finally! With apologies for taking so long to get this updated, the 2014 order & delivery/pick-up schedule for our members is now posted to the website here. Download this PDF version to post/keep as a reminder of when to order & when to pick-up.

Participants ready to begin!

Participants ready to begin!

2014 Spring & Summer Workshops & Classes

We have also organized our upcoming schedule for our Spring & Summer workshops & classes – registration will be available in the next few days for the first series of classes. Please be sure to register in advance as space does fill-up fast (well, at least this is true for the canine classes — based on engagement last year, we will need more support for the kitty classes & workshops, so please, let are your “cat people” know about our offerings to support these educational events we so enjoy doing!)


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