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Congratulations to Rosalind: JVS 2017 Employee of the Year Award Winner

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We are so proud of Rosalind and thrilled that she won this very prestigious award, from a pool of thousands of other nominees!

c_a_dxvuiaaajiuYesterday, Kasie Maxwell accompanied Rosalind and Sadie at the JVC #StrictlyBusiness2017 Luncheon at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis – an impressive event! The fundraiser raised over $1 million dollars; $125K just during the luncheon.

We finally got to see this short film about her story; and Rosalind spoke in front of over one thousand people in the audience. Wow! She ended her speech with a touching, shameless plug for SFRAW, which was just awesome.

We are so happy for her! Rosalind deserves this honor; we couldn’t be more pleased with the very good work she does for us at SFRAW.

We’re thankful to Sadie of JVC and Claire at SFMade who worked together to place Rosalind as our most successful intern (we’re working with SFMade again this year for another summer Intern; it’s a great program).

My only complaint is that Rosalind can only work part-time, not full-time, while she’s in culinary school 🙂 Congratulations, Rosalind!!!

If you happen to see her at SFRAW, please take a moment to thank her and congratulate our celebrity 🙂

Seaweed Blend for the cure: every single body is unique & finding the right remedy/dose for the individual

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Wanted to share this interesting story about one of our members who had been struggling with a coat & skin condition issue in her black Great Dane, Miles. This story provides a fine example of how supplementation is sometimes necessary to correct imbalances in individual animals. It also illustrates how sometimes nutritional imbalances may occur even in animals eating a fresh food diet, from stress or an unknown cause, even when provided a “balanced” diet that others would thrive on and not show the same imbalances.

It is important to remember that every individual animal/person is unique when it comes to how they tolerate, digest and metabolize foods; health and nutritional needs will change over time or during periods of stress/illness. We must be willing to consider and analyze every diet/menu on an individual basis to find what is most helpful for that particular being at the period in time.  Nutrition and health is never really a “set-it-and-forget-it” done deal – it’s a dynamic journey that we partake with our animals over many years (if you’re lucky!)

What you feed now and what you may feed a year from now is likely to change based on your animal’s individual needs, new information we gather from ongoing research/new understandings about nutrition or health, and our experience/comfort level with preparing and feeding our animals fresh foods (for example, you may only feed ground bone now, but eventually change to become more comfortable in feeding whole meaty bones/prey model; or feed raw now but eventually decide to switch to a home-cooked diet in your ailing or older animal).  It is important to always remain open to making necessary changes, and to let your animal’s symptoms guide you along the way; their physical and behavioral symptoms/expression of health or dis-ease is how our animals communicate with us about what’s working (or not). It is important to pay attention, and be open to trying new things.

Many of you know I am generally resistant, or at least initially hesitant, to recommend or use even the highest quality supplements when first approaching an imbalance or problem. I prefer to focus on simply providing excellent nutrition using the highest quality, wholesome ingredients to address any challenges or imbalances -“letting food be thy medicine” and giving the body a chance to bring itself into balance when given the tools and circumstances to do so.

I am inspired and amazed on a daily basis with what our animals can do if just simply given the opportunity (removing chemicals, stress, routine “preventative” treatments, providing them with adequate mental and physical exercise, access to a clean, healthy home environment, etc.), TIME (patience), and species appropriate fresh, wholesome foods to heal themselves.  Oftentimes, doing less will provide the most dramatic gains and turnarounds.

Miles has been raw fed since being adopted many years ago. He has always enjoyed a beautiful, healthy shiny black coat up until a sudden change that occurred during a period when he was boarded (with a raw feeder) in the spring. Miles’ glossy dark coat had turned reddish/light brown and become very thin/balding – he had a black mohawk of fur along his spine, but the rest of his coat was a very thin and had turned a brown/reddish color.


Miles’ coat went from black, thick, glossy to dry, thinning and reddish-brown in color. It happened very quickly and was quite alarming to all involved! This is a photo of his hip area, but this change had occurred all over his body with the exception of his spine (he looked like he had a black mohawk).

There are a number of medical conditions that can cause this type of change including hormonal/endocrine disorders, non-endocrine and seasonal pigment/coat & skin disorders. However, as time went on and the veterinary visits/lab tests revealed he was completely healthy, we ruled out those common possibilities. We do not know what caused the change in his coat condition, but we thought for sure after a few weeks that it would return to normal with a few minor tweaks to the diet.

Miles was eating a diet recommended by his holistic veterinarian of 50% cooked carbohydrate (rice) and 50% raw lamb, beef and pork meat/organs along with a daily serving of consumable raw meaty poultry bones plus supplements including SFRAW Seafood Medley few times a week, egg few times a week, canned sardines in water, Halo Dream Coat, Healthy Powder with Bone Meal (on days he does not get the RMB) and Vitality Blend – not every supplement was given every single day but these were used in rotation.

While I have concerns over including carbohydrates in our dog’s diet: especially in this particular case, for the phytates/phytic acid content in the grains may have been inhibiting mineral absorption; his diet had been composed with the advice of his veterinarian and agreement from his person that this was best for Miles, so I was wanted to respect this choice.

Over the years I have known Miles and his person, we had made modifications to the diet including the elimination of certain foods that were causing issues, and the inclusion of others to address his dietary needs, maintain an ideal weight, and balanced overall health.

With the sudden coat condition issue he was experiencing and not resolving, we added additional White Gold, kelp powder, digestive enzymes, and red palm oil.

Eventually, we swapped the kelp powder for my Seaweed Blend. I would not normally recommend additional kelp or the Seaweed Blend when Healthy Powder was already being used due to a concern of over-supplementing with iodine and possibly impacting healthy thyroid functioning.

As the months passed, discouragingly, the conditon would not fully resolve. He went though a period of very flaky skin with copious dandruff production and shedding. My suggestion was to curry comb and massage the coat/skin to help aid his body “detoxify” as his body worked to get back into balance; allowing for a healthy new coat to return (I hoped). As I had expected, the dandruff resolved rather quickly, but the coat pigment issue and thinning remained a problem – especially on his hip area. It was perplexing.

While we saw glimpses of improvement here & there (the red fur started to look shiny instead of dry, and small patches of thick black fur began to grow, but just small patches and it was taking too long), his condition never fully resolved to the point where we were both satisfied with considering him 100% back to normal.

By this time I felt that we had given his body adequate time to resolve the issue on its own or with the gentle nutritional aids we had incorporated, and that we needed to make a dramatic move with his supplement routine — we decided to increase the Seaweed Blend dose by more than 4x the recommended amount (!!)  It was a little scary, but we set a short time limit for how long we’d use this dosage, just to see what we might be able to achieve and how his body would respond.

Miles responded beautifully! In just two short weeks, his coat went from being sparse and lightly colored to thick, rich, black and glossy again! He has improved completely to the point where we feel he is totally normal and he is, fortunately continuing to maintain a beautiful, healthy skin & coat condition.

This was the right choice for Miles; we made a bold move to supplement with a potent combination of seaweeds that in another dog could have actually even been harmful.  But for Miles, this dose was just what he needed to regain his health.

We have tapered off the megadose, and settled into what his body communicated was the right amount for Miles with good results: he feels and looks wonderful and has been given a clean bill of health from his veterinarian.

As a side, but related note: Miles was a rescue that had a difficult start. He has been on a long journey with his incredibly dedicated person to address rather challenging behavioral health issues. This also has improved so much recently/along with the skin/coat health, that the below video of him interacting with other dogs brought us both to tears.

Miles and Shana have come so far together — this video would have never seemed possible just a few short years ago. This is truly a beautiful moment in time to see him interact with not only one, but two strange dogs (and the second dog came out of nowhere — normally a major trigger for Miles, but he handled it pretty well!) and boy, look at that gorgeous coat he has now, too!

Thank you to Miles and his dedicated person, Shana for allowing us to share your story.  It is an honor to know you both and to see how far Miles has come with your good, intelligent, responsible, compassionate, wise, and loving care!

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November 2, 2016 at 3:10 pm

*WINNING* Weekend for SFRAW Members + Oct Member Referral $100 Shopping Spree Winner!

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We were amazed to see all the cool posts on Facebook/Instagram over the weekend from our members doing outstanding things with their dogs.  Please join us in celebrating and congratulating the following SFRAW members that had these impressive achievements made by our members over this past weekend:


Hurrah for Halley our new Champion, and to Susan for whom Halley will do anything. Photo credit: Gary Ellis

Joyful news from our dear friends and long-time SFRAW members, Gary Ellis and Susan Schroder, who finished their gorgeous Halley who was winners bitch at the SCOA Regional and GSFSC (Saluki) Specialty in Pleasanton, CA!



Juliette Noh’s dog, “super” Cooper won his championship in agility — very well done Cooper!

14700807_1194681617241687_6513762983641467441_oZero (the *blind* Aussie) and Dianne Morey achieved 2nd place at the Splash Dogs National Championship Finals in Las Vegas, NV!

14724554_1030050143760274_8822900434408774356_nDonna Highstreet’s beautiful, Naturally Reared Logan earned his ASCA Agility Trial Championship (ATCH) at the NNASC trial in Carson City, NV.

We are so impressed with all these people and their dogs doing such cool things – we recognize that all of these various achievements are attainable only after a great deal of hard work and dedication.  Hats off!

SFRAW Member Referral Card Drawing Winner! Speaking of winners, congratulations to SFRAW member, Betty Wong for being the lucky winner of this month’s SFRAW $100 shopping spree (chosen via random monthly drawing).

Our referral card program is a great way to spread the word about SFRAW and raw feeding and you get a chance to win our monthly drawing, too!

And good luck to Stormy and Betty this coming weekend when they will be competing again after their volunteer shift at SFRAW. As you can see below, Stormy and Betty have had some very impressive wins already! Hope the winning streak continues! 🙂



All Current SFRAW Members are eligible: simply write your name on the card, give them to friends as an invitation to shop at SFRAW for a one-time 30% off discount.

When we get the card from your referral at the point of purchase, we will enter your member card into a monthly drawing for a **$100 credit** to shop at SFRAW!

Many of you have dogs/cats that are incredible ambassadors of raw feeding & living endorsements of the power of raw feeding – this prompts conversation about raw feeding or SFRAW with friends and acquaintances. To support this, we decided to also include a listing of the “Benefits of Raw Feeding” on the back of the card.

Thanks to our members for spreading the word about raw feeding, helping animals to get healthier by eating whole, fresh, REAL foods, and supporting SFRAW!

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October 24, 2016 at 3:43 pm

Member Profiles: True’s Turnaround + inspirational updates from members with the same issue/on our Custom Meal & suggested protocols!

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We are absolutely over-the-moon to receive this outstanding, totally inspirational update from a wonderful member, Dianne Morey, about her beloved Bearded Collie superstar, True. I am just so happy that True responded so beautifully to his Custom Meals, and is doing so great with the change to his diet and the addition of a few supplements.

What an inspiration True is! Also — wow — Dianne’s images are simply stunning.


Enjoy! We hope you are as uplifted and inspired as we are to hear this happy and hopeful news.

Our 16 1/2 year old best dog ever True was diagnosed with renal failure in January at his semi annual check up (we try to do blood work 2-3 times for our dogs when they get to be about 13). His past values had been excellent and the new bloodwork showed a dramatic change in his creatine and bun levels and lowered protein levels. We did films for cancer, urine tests and took him off of metacam and started him on adequen injections for his joint pain. I struggled with getting his diet right for awhile and he wasn’t doing well at all, his levels were worse at his recheck 3 weeks later. 😦 Then I found out from my wonderful friend Erika that our local raw pet food co-op San Francisco Raw Feeders (SFRAW) makes custom meals raw for dogs. I put him on it immediately. 2 months later all of his levels are back in normal range. I cannot possibly thank the gorgeous and brilliant Kasie Maxwell enough for her help, guidance, the great food she makes and for the community she has built. I’m also feeding him tripe (available st SFRAW) and giving him the renal essentials supplements from Vetriscience and I try to make sure he’s getting filtered water as much as possible. And I have activated charcoal tablets for when he’s being naughty at the beach and eating things like the feet off of a dead raccoon OMG or a dead baby shark OMG. He’s looking really good these days. True 4 Ever ‪#‎olddogsrule‬

Oh my goodness, right??!!! What a very happy, inspirational story his is! We are just beyond touched by Dianne’s kind words; and absolutely thrilled that he’s responded so well and is doing so great!  We are humbled and honored to be a part of Team True!
The truth is, True is not the only dog we have had such incredible recovery and response with our custom meals with this very condition. Read below…


Bea RiceMy senior Bichon, George, was diagnosed with renal failure in March of this year, his blood levels were high. We started him on CRF by SF Raw and tripe after Erika told us about it. His blood levels are greatly improved and are heading to normal range. He is doing great!” We are so happy t hear how George continued to do well and make improvements despite the incredible difficulties he has endured.  Go George! 


Long-time member and friend, Ananda Fong, has plans for her sweet, dear little Indian street dog rescue, Snoopy to live to be 30 years of age since her full & complete turn-around after going on our CRF Custom Meals, GreenTripe, our suggested renal supplement protocol, in addition to other holistic therapies that have completely transformed this senior back to 100% health/normal test results for several years now! Snoopy is doing absolutely wonderfully, seems half her age and her lab tests are all within normal range — YAY! Go Snoopy – we know you can make it to 30!!! You’re doing great; you have proven to be an incredibly resilient and courageous spirit in the face of so many challenges throughout your lifetime (cancer, infection, abuse/neglect). Hers is a wonderful story of transformation by the rescue, love and care provided by your person. Well done, Ananda!
DC Wildwings Shameless
Long-time member and dear friend, Lynn Sandor’s record breaking, ALL STAR German Wirehaired Pointer superstar celebrity dog, Gus, another one of our favorite SFRAW thriving seniors, experienced an alarming sudden change in his renal function over a year ago; we were all very concerned about dear Gus because he really wasn’t feeling well. But, thankfully, we were able to quickly return his health and chemistry values back to normal by simply implementing changes to his diet (our Custom CRF Diet) alone. He is feeling much better now! Gus is an incredible dog and we are honored to have him (and his equally amazing person) as SFRAW members. As an elder gentleman, Gus is doing very well. His renal issues have completely resolved with changes to his diet alone. Amazing! So inspiring! Go GUS!
We decided to share some of these stories with our Blog followers with the hopes that if you are facing health challenges with your dog or cat, we want you to know there may be hope for your dear animal to feel better, even when things seem quite dire! We are happy to help in any way that we can by working with you, your animal (under the direct care of your holistic veterinarian) to provide dietary suggestions/foods and herbal or natural supplements that may make your pet feel better and hopefully enjoy many more good days ahead.

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June 29, 2016 at 12:13 pm

Fresh Food Diets from SFRAW: Caleb’s Story

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Thrilled to revive an exciting and worthy project that I first started work on in 2005/2006 and then “put on the back-burner” in 2007. Yes, it’s been a while.


I am honored to post Caleb and Shirley’s story as our first in a series of SFRAW member profiles! We will be sharing their answers to a series of interview questions that reveal the inspirational stories and interesting, insightful experiences of feeding a fresh foods to their animals, and being involved with SFRAW.

PREFACE (my original email to the SFRAW members about this project from 2005):

“I feel incredibly fortunate to be the leader/organizer of a group with such a wonderfully diverse group of people. We’ve got cat people, dog people, breeders, rescuers (and many breeders that do rescue), pet professionals like groomers, walkers, trainers, veterinarians, those who provide care for a large number of animals through a sanctuary, people with one beloved animal, those who feed pre-made, home-cooked, kibble w/ some raw, BARF, Pitcairn, prey-model, old-pros, newbies, giant dogs, tiny dogs, and those who only pastured-grass fed meats for health/animal-welfare/environmental reasons – the variety seems endless and I just love it!

This diversity is something very unique to our group these days. The tolerance/acceptance we enjoy for each other’s very different diet/animal lifestyle choices here seems (regrettably) rare from reading through some of the other raw feeding groups/lists. Many of raw-feeding groups have become, quite frankly, very dogmatic and sectarian. I very much cherish the diversity of people we have as members of SFRAW (group hug moment – awww!), and all the different feeding (and animal lifestyles) styles represented here. I think it would be instructive and interesting to experience/share this diversity in the written form.

To this end, I’m thinking of putting together a SFRAW book titled, Fresh Food Diets from SFRAW. This title works for everyone since, while we all feed fresh foods, not everyone feeds raw – some of our members feed cooked meals, too! Our book will profile individual members; describing their experiences with feeding raw, what kinds of dogs/cats/other animals they feed, what foods they fed, give recipes, menus, describe their feeding style, etc. I am thinking of organizing the book by sections that feature each member with a photo (of the person and/or their animals) with a short bio, Q/A section, followed by a contribution of their choice that best explains what they feed – be it a recipe, menu, list of favorite foods, statement with images, whatever. <snip>

I look forward to hearing from those interested in working on such a project. It would be appropriate to discuss this project on the list – so please send responses to the list for public discussion. – Kasie Maxwell, 2005 SFRAW Yahoo Group message”



AFTER: “Like a different dog!” Dramatically improved weight and muscle gains; noticeable change to his demeanor (he feels GREAT and is full of joy and curiosity); incredible improvements to his coat condition. He now has an impressively thick, full, smooth, shiny, healthy coat with a (totally different!) gorgeous, rich color. No more bald spots or thinning, dry hair. Here Caleb is pictured with his mom, Shirley, visiting SFRAW on 2/27/2016 — so HAPPY & HEALTHY!

2-16-2016 photos 356

BEFORE: July 2015. Recently adopted photo shows Caleb before switching to raw. His condition was poor and as is typical of many rescues. Most common in Greyhounds is the bald or bare patches of fur along the flanks (“Bald Thigh Syndrome” or Canine follicular displaysia). He was also underweight, and the condition of his coat was thin/sparse, flaky, dry like straw, and dull. He didn’t feel good – while his sweet temperament always shone through; his vitality and energy were obviously depressed, especially compared to how he feels now!

2-16-2016 photos 358

BEFORE: Caleb was in poor condition before the change to his diet.


Your Name: Shirley
Your Business or Vocation: Finance Analyst 
Are you involved in animal sports/competition or animal welfare causes? If so, please describe. I have adopted two greyhounds from Golden State Greyhound Adoption and attend meet and greets to let potential adopters know what great pets these dogs make. There are so many myths surrounding this breed but when people discover they sleep most of the day, they are amazed.
Species of animals you feed SFRAW foods to: Dog
Number of mouths you feed: one
If under FOUR animals: gives names, ages, and breeds (if known): Caleb, 3 YRS, greyhound


AFTER: Caleb is so incredibly handsome. Just look at his excellent muscle tone; rich, velvety color; and dramatic improvements in his body composition and skin/coat condition!



When did you join SFRAW? July 2015

What are the benefits of being a SFRAW member? For me, not having to worry about where the product is coming from. Knowing Kasie has done the due diligence in ensuring the product was sustainably raised with the welfare of the animals in mind. Knowing the product does not contain hormones, antibiotics, and additives. Peace of mind.


When did you start feeding raw/home-prepared foods? I adopted him in July 2015 with the intention of feeding him raw.

Why did you change from commercial kibble/canned to a home-prepared or raw diet? With my last greyhound, I cooked her meals and fed her kibble. She developed allergies and died of osteosarcoma at age 8. I had thought of feeding her raw but was too intimidated. When I decided to adopt another greyhound, I knew I wasn’t going to cook for the dog and I didn’t want to feed commercial food. I had heard and read about SFRAW and a friend encouraged me to go and talk to someone there. Drew was manning the register that day and he was so laid back about the whole thing. I remember after my first mentoring session, I thought, I can’t do this and Drew said, “you can make it as complicated or as simple as you want.” I felt the pressure slip away when he said that. Then I went home and broke down the process to make it work for me.

2-16-2016 photos 420

AFTER: Just look at that incredibly thick, healthy coat — not a single hair missing anymore!

Where do you live (apartment, house, urban, suburban, rural)? We live in a house in San Francisco

Where do you feed your animals (crate, kennel, kitchen, placemat, outdoors)? That took some figuring out. I feed Caleb in the pantry which has a tiled floor. I lay down two pieces of cardboard (5’x5’) and a vinyl tablecloth (also 5’x5’) on top of the cardboard. He lays down on that to eat his RMB. I clean the tablecloth with vinegar when he is done. I initially used bleach but he will lick the tablecloth so I switched to vinegar.

Do you use dishes/bowls for serving meals in? His muscle meat formula is fed from a bowl.

How would you characterize your feeding style? RMBs in the AM and formula in the PM with healthy people snacks throughout the day (fruit, broiled salmon, etc.)

Please describe the changes you have made over the years/months in what you feed/how you feed it? I try to give Caleb different protein and cuts every day. I don’t want him to develop allergies to any proteins.



Describe, in detail, what you regularly feed to your animals:
a. Raw, cooked or both? Give percentages. He mainly eats all raw 100%. Sometimes I’ll give him a taste of cooked salmon, slice of cheese, etc but not enough to make a meal.

b. Do you ever feed kibbled or canned foods? In what capacity and how? I don’t keep dog kibble or canned dog food in the house so it’s raw or fast.

c. What types of muscle meat do you feed? Percentage/amt. muscle meat? He eats turkey, beef, and lamb muscle meat mixed in Kasie’s recipe. He eats RMB in the morning and muscle formula at night (55/45).

d. Which organs do you feed (including tripe)? Percentage/amt. organ meat? He eats tripe once a week. About a pound per meal. I will add liver or kidney in the formula mix if the muscle meat does not contain any organ meats.

e. Do you use any of the pre-made foods or pre-mixes? I started by purchasing the pre-made formulas then took two mentoring classes and have since mixed my own based on Kasie’s recipie.

f. Do you buy grass-fed, pastured, organic? If so, how frequently and why? If SFRAW is selling grass-fed, pastured, organic, then I am buying all of the above. I visit SFRAW weekly to pick up items b/c my freezer is too small but that’s going to change soon when I buy my big freezer.

g. Describe/list which cuts of bone you feed. Percentage/amt. bones? Lamb breast, duck wing, neck, head, feet, chicken back and feet, turkey neck, goat bones, salmon heads and fillet. I think 50-60% of his meal is RMB

h. Do you cut or grind bones, or feed them whole? I feed whole bones. Caleb is good about chewing although, he is a fast eater.

i. Do you feed:
 Grains (if so, which ones – cooked, soaked and how often)? no
 Eggs (how often)? I’ve read eggs are a great source of nutrients so will add some to his food but have not done so yet.
 Seafood? He eats salmon once a week and an anchovy or half a sardine every night except for the days he eats salmon
 Dairy (if so, raw or pasteurized, cow/goat, and how often)? I add raw goat milk to his vege mix and sometimes he will eat goat yogurt as a snack
 Herbs? I rotate the herbs on Kasie’s list in his formula. I add herbs depending on how Caleb is doing. If his stomach is gurgling, I’ll put in digestive healing herbs. If I think his skin/coat could use a boost, I’ll add skin healing herbs. I always add the anti-cancer herbs.
 Fruit? Bananas, apples, pears. Tried blueberries but he made a mess so no more unless I add into his formula.
 Veggies? Kale, chard, broccoli, parsley, carrots, sweet potatoes, celery, beets, zucchini, yellow squash
 Nuts/Seeds? Almonds and walnuts for snack. I add flax seed, pumpkin seed, or sesame seed to his formula. 

[editor’s note about nuts: do not feed dogs macadamia nuts, but small quantities of high quality, fresh/never moldy, organic raw/unsalted walnuts and almonds are a-ok!]
 Functional foods (carob, seaweeds, coconut oil, spirulina, etc.)? Carob, brewer’s yeast, kelp, lecithin, dulse are all rotated into his formula.

Screenshot 2016-02-28 05.32.26

Example of Caleb’s menu for a month.


Please provide a typical week or month’s menu, or one of your primary recipes. Please see attached calendar (January 2015 feeding calendar)

Do you feed supplements? If so, which do you use and how often? No

Do any of your animals have health conditions requiring a particular diet? If so, what do they get that is different from the others. Nobody is on a special diet

Any challenges you have had with this diet? If so, what? How did you work through these challenges? Caleb chews his food and LOVES it. No problems so far except for fasting days; he does not like fasting days.

Anything else you want to add? Benefits you have seen with this diet, why you feed what you feed, etc.? I don’t know what I expected when I started feeding him raw, but I never expected his fur to come in so thick and soft although it doesn’t surprise me b/c that seems to be the common denominator of all the dogs fed on a good raw diet. He has no dander. His muscles have grown too. He’s definitely not the scrawny creature I adopted in July. Everyone has noticed the difference. He’s alert and happy. I’m really happy with this diet.

Look at Caleb now!!  What you don’t see in these images is how completely transformed he is as far as his energy: how happy and vibrant he now is — his energy has changed dramatically! Caleb is SO incredibly happy when he visits SFRAW — he has gone from being a bit reserved and clearly not feeling great/low energy; to a prancing, smiling dog — full of life and just bursting with joy. Now Caleb glows from the inside out!


AFTER: Caleb at the end of his visit at SFRAW on 2/27/2016. He didn’t want to go — he loves visiting and we love having him. He’s so full of joy and looks so good; Shirley has done an incredible job with him and we’re so happy to see this transformation.

This is our goal and we LOVE seeing success stories like this.  Thank you so much to Shirley and Caleb for sharing your inspiring story with us.  Our hope is that what you have shared here may resonate with a reader and they will be motivated to finally make a change for their animals sake – to feed them better and improve their lives!

Thank you!

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