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Seasonal Nutritive Herbs: Seasonal Herbs used in our SFRAW Formulas, Vitality Blend & sold seperately

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SFRAW’s Seasonal Nutritive Herb Blends are balancing nutritional food supplements – for everyday use! We add our seasonal herb blends into our SFRAW Formulas, Vitality Blend, and we sell them seperately so you can add them to your own foods/meals at home. Complements any commercially-bought or home-prepared diet.

Our Seasonal Blends were developed for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall – a different blend for each season, helps to keep your dog or cat’s body in harmony with nature’s seasonal changes. The herbs used in our seasonal blends have exceptional balancing and nutritive qualities. Beneficial seasonal herbs are blended with wholesome food herbs, and the result is a healthy, balanced, systemically strengthening whole food supplement.

We use clean, fresh, 100% certified organic, properly harvested, nutritious leaves, grasses, seeds, roots, flowers, and berries that animals have foraged in the wild for centuries. These balancing and nutritious plant foods are not readily available to most domesticated pets. Try our seasonal herbs for a month; you’ll soon notice the difference in your pet’s overall health!

After incorporating the use of nutritve herbs as part of a natural raw foods diet since 1989, our founder, Kasie devleoped our Seasonal Nutritive Blends in 2002. SFRAW has been offering these 100% organic/wild-crafted seasonal herb blends for over a decade with great success. The following blends are available seasonally:

Available December-February
Winter: Alfalfa, Red Raspberry Leaves, Chamomile, Mullein, Burdock Root, Rosehips.

Available March-May
Spring: Nettle Leaf, Dandelion Root, Dandelion Leaves, Milk Thistle Seed, Oregano, Rosemary, Vervain.

Available June-August
Summer: Alfalfa, Oatstraw, Fennel Seed, Hawthorn Berry, Barley Grass.

Available September-November
Fall: Nettle Leaf, Irish Moss, Thyme, Parsley Leaves & Root, Coriander Seed, Marshmallow Root.

Fall Blend is a combination of the following 100% certified organic ingredients:

Organic Nettle Leaf (Urtica dioica)  Nutritive food herb (abundant in vitamins A, C, D and K, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, iron, silicon and sulphur), alkalizing, rich source of minerals, antihistamine, good for allergies and skin conditions, blood cleanser, nourishes and strengthens the kidneys, aids with diarrhea and dysentery, digestive aid and cleanser, relieves fatigue.
irish_moss_21831-product_1x-1429306846-1Organic Irish Moss (Chondrus crispus)  Nutritive seaweed (contains protein, polysaccharides, carrageenans, beta carotene, iodine, bromine, iron, minerals, vitamin A and B1), traditionally employed as an excellent restorative herb to speed recovery from debilitating illnesses, anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulant (used for stomach ulcers), anti-viral, demulcent, expectorant, excellent for restoring proper lung function, soothes the digestive system, stomach and urinary tract, tones and strengthens glands, has been used as a food for diabetes patients.
coriander_seed_powder-product_1x-1403631121Organic Coriander Seed (Coriandrum sativum)  Nutritive food herb (contains linalool, geranial, vitamin C and potassium), reduces flatulence, digestive aid, stimulates appetite. Traditionally used for all gastric and digestive issues including hernia, nausea, diarrhea, and bowel spasms. It has been used to treat measles, hemorrhoids, toothaches, worms, and joint pain, as well as infections caused by bacteria and fungus.

Organic Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)  Expels worms (especially hookworms) and gas, excellent for digestive and respiratory tracts, fights gingivitis, helpful for asthma. Traditionally used for a variety of ailments including bronchitis, whooping cough, sore throat, colic, arthritis, upset stomach, stomach pain (gastritis), diarrhea, bedwetting, parasitic worm infections, and some skin disorders.
marshmallow_root_powder_m11144-product_1x-1423001701Marshmallow Root (Althea officinalis)  Nutritive food herb (high in calcium and vitamin A), soothes, lubricates and protects internal tissues and mucous membranes, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, soothes urinary and gastrointestinal inflammation, aids in removing toxins from the body, lowers blood sugar, stimulates the immune system. Marshmallow can be used for pain and swelling (inflammation) of the mucous membranes that line the respiratory tract; for dry coughs, inflammation of the lining of the stomach, diarrhea, stomach ulcers, constipation, urinary tract inflammation, and urinary stones.


Parsley Leaves and Root (Petroselinum crispum)  Nutritive herb (rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin K, A and C, as well as calcium, thiamin, riboflavin, boron, fluorine, niacin, zinc, potassium, copper, manganese and iron), high chlorophyll content acts as a natural breath freshener, this cleansing herb has a carminative, tonic and laxative action, but is primarily used for its diuretic properties, used traditionally as a liver tonic and as a means of breaking up kidney stones, alleviatives hives and other allergy symptoms, the roots carminative action can relieve flatulence and colic. The Vitamin K in parsley promotes bone strength, but it also has a role in the treatment and possible prevention of Alzheimer’s disease by limiting neuronal damage in the brain. Parsley helps to relieve conditions such as colic, indigestion, and intestinal gas; as well as helping to purify the blood and fight cancer, and detoxify the system of harmful compounds like mercury.


Please use each Seasonal Blend during the specified season, as rotating herbs is essential to their conscientious use, nutritional balance, synergistic healing and strengthening effects. We do not recommend feeding a single seasonal blend for more than 4 months.

For best results, we suggest combining with SFRAW HEALTHY POWDER  (or Standard Process Whole Body Support) + SFRAW RED GOLD, SFRAW Seafood Grinds, or fozen fish, mussels, clams or oysters, as the perfect whole food supplement protocol.

HANDLING: Store in a cool, dry place.

FEEDING: 1 Tbs. per pound of food. Use directly from the bag (dry, mixed in or sprinkled onto food) or steep 2 tsp. in 8 oz. of hot water for 15-20 minutes or until room temperature, then strain and add suggested amount to the food as a tea/infusion. Store unused tea in the refigerator and use within 2-3 days. Most dogs love the flavor of the seasonal herbs – consider them to be a tasty, healthful seasoning.

Rotating herbs is essential to their conscientious use, nutritional balance, synergistic healing, and strengthening effects. We do not recommend feeding a single seasonal blend for more than 4 months. We strongly recommend a fresh, whole foods diet for optimal health – feeding raw or home-cooked meals are best. Feed herbs 4-6 days a week or cycle the feeding of herbs for 3 weeks on/1 week off to achieve best results.


One of Kasie’s favorite books from a true wise woman, hero, and visonary – originally published in 1955.

Not recommended for pregnant animals, or for puppies or kittens under the age of 12 weeks. Please use as directed unless advised otherwise by a licensed veterinary health care provider. Individuals may experience negative or allergic reactions to any product. Should this happen, discontinue use.
Rara Avis products and information have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA or any other governmental agency. Our products are not meant to diagnose disease or replace licensed veterinary care. Our products are not pharmaceuticals or drugs intended to treat, prevent, mitigate or cure disease.


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October 19, 2016 at 1:13 pm

Ethical, Humane, Sustainable Meat? Let’s Talk About Standards (or “the reason why I started SFRAW!”)

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Sustainable, ethical, humane, organic, pastured, local…

These are just a few of the descriptors that you will find when seeking out the best possible food for you and your family members.  We know that it can be incredibly confusing and also that it takes a lot of research and effort to source foods REALLY produced in a manner that honestly reflects these ideas and concepts.

It can be confusing to know if these labels actually mean anything at all — is that label or phrase defined, regulated or established by third-party certification and auditing? Perhaps it is part of a state or governmental program; or designed by private or industry certifications?

No matter how a product is labeled or described, it IS possible to find food that is in alignment with what your own values and standards are for ethical, humane and sustainable — it can be certified and verified or not — being certified does not always guarantee it is in alignment with your own personal values for what you want to support. The best you can do is to know your producer — visit the farm, learn about what they do and how they do it. This is not always possible, however, so most people need to rely on online or local guide/rating system or suppliers that you can trust to do this research for you.

One of the best places to learn more about these issues and the meaning behind these words is the Sustainable Table website. Their page titled, “These Labels are So Confusing” is a great place to start to better understand the various catch-phrases used within the food industry. The website is dedicated to the larger issue of sustainability and all this encompasses; doing a fairly good job making an incredibly complicated and complex number of issues related to sustainability and our food system in the US, understandable and digestible (pun intended!) Two related websites are the “Eat Well Guide” and “The Meatrix” (check out the original Meatrix video below):

When I first started SFRAW in 2003, my primary goal and focus was to seek out meats and related animal-derived ingredients that were raised humanely, outside of the unhealthy and cruel industrialized food system (“factory framed”) in order to provide species appropriate nutrition to the carnivores under my care.

At the time, it was very difficult to source a variety of proteins that were in alignment with my personal values for sustainability, animal welfare, and wholesomeness. Certifications and industry programs that related to these issues were not nearly as abundant as they are now. For example, in 2003, grass-finished beef and pastured lamb were not difficult to source but pastured poultry or truly pastured eggs were not commercially available in CA yet; pastured pork was just getting started here — thanks to Liz Cunningham — and because supply for this was so limited, the best option was Niman Ranch’s pork products from the mid-west.

I was on a constant hunt for suppliers and the industry was experiencing a lot of change (mostly for the good; but also included a lot of small operations not making it – saw many come & go – reliability was – and to some extent, continues to be – a serious challenge).  Over time, I developed relationships with small-scale producers that were putting in a genuine effort to bring food to market with far more care and consideration for the animals, environment, and people involved throughout the supply-chain and from “farm to table”.  Some foods I could find locally, others I had to get from a distance (and consider the carbon-footprint and economic impacts of making such a decision).  It was (and still is!) vitally important to support those producers doing things differently — they are working incredibly hard to change, and do things in a better way. These producers are brave, dedicated, and resilient visionaries that are dedicated to producing wholesome, healthy foods  in a manner that aligns with their ethics and ideals — they are in it for the love of the work, the animals/environment, and to provide a better, healthier future for all, not for greed or financial gains at any cost.

My goal continues to seek out sources that allow for me to:

  1. honor the animals under my care for their true nature and nutritional needs; food raised in this manner are typically much more nutritious/nutrient-dense, wholesome and safer.
  2. honor the animals being raised for food in a manner that was respectful to their true nature, in how they were allowed to live & how they were handled and cared for during their lifetime;
  3. honor the environment and health and well-being of the entire planet (air & water quality are local issues that have a global impact!);
  4. honor the human beings involved with producing these foods for us; this includes every person involved along the supply chain: the workers that raise their animals with care and kindness (doing this work 24/7 with a lot of inherent challenges associated with food production and working with living beings/ecosystems: draught, floods, illness, etc.);  those working in the processing plants; and the local independent wholesale distributors that bring these products to market and make them available at your local grocery/butcher, restaurant, and yes, your freezer at home! Supporting the local economy, and the health and well-being of the people involved in this industry is a part of the sustainability landscape when it comes to food – this aspect is never overlooked.

Over time, the options available to me here in California broadened and the standards of my suppliers/producers have not only maintained (for the most part) but a few have even continued to improve upon their already fine programs! Those that have succeeded in doing so have earned my respect — these companies or individuals are willing to look objectively and critically at what they are doing, identify opportunities where they could improve and have worked hard to make things even better.

For example, non-ruminant animals being certified as GMO-free, soy-free or corn-free were much harder to find than they are now — while still not easily available, change is happening! More and more producers are making efforts to elevate their practices and improve what they are doing every single year. While it is heartbreaking to learn of yet another small-scale producer that is doing a beautiful job with the food they produce not making it/shutting down or struggling to survive (trust me, the struggle is real for every single producer doing things in a way that falls outside “the norm”); from my vantage point of focusing on these topics and sources for over 10 years, it has been an encouraging and hopeful experience to see how much special individuals within the industry as a whole has pushed for change, and how much we continue to learn about sustainability over the past decade.

The first place I went to find sources for SFRAW, was Jo Robinson’s Eat Wild site. This website continues to be an excellent resource for learning about pasture-based food production, and for sourcing excellent grass-finished, truly pastured meat and poultry.


If your goal is focused on sourcing meats raised humanely to specific animal welfare standards, the Humaneitarian website provides good information and suggestions on sourcing “humane” meat/poultry.

Another place to find a great collection of resources that focus on a variety of food related concerns, check out the CivilEats website.


As a vegan for close to 35 years and raw feeder for over 25 years, the troubling and ethically difficult aspect of sourcing when feeding raw was the number one reason why I started San Francisco Raw Feeders (SFRAW) — to source meats/ingredients that had been raised and produced in a manner I consider honorable (honoring the animals for their true nature; treating them with dignity and respect).

Since 2003, these objectives have remained unchanged and our focus has stayed true to our founding principles:

SFRAW’s Mission
1) To give thoughtful consideration to and conduct business in a manner that honors the health and wellbeing of all species (human, wild, farm and domestic animals);
2) To be a discriminating purveyor of high-quality, ethically produced, truly wholesome & pure, genuinely natural foods & lifestyle products;
3)  To develop and produce the best wholesome raw pet foods and truly natural pet products with a focus on using pastured, organic, local, sustainable, wild-crafted ingredients;
4) To provide these products and services at a fair cost to both the consumer and supplier;
5) To support outstanding ranches, farms, small businesses and individuals that work hard to produce products with integrity and honor;
6) To unite a diverse community that share a common interest in wholesome foods & Natural Rearing;
7) To cultivate a compassionate and informed community that educate, inspire, and support one another;
8) To mentor through education about feeding whole fresh food diets to pets and Natural Rearing principles.


The vetting/rating system I’ve developed for SFRAW is vigorous and my personal standards are high — not many producers “meet the grade” to be represented by SFRAW. I take sourcing very seriously. Each new supplier is given very careful consideration and involves the building of strong personal relationships because trust and KNOWING your producers personally is, in the end, our best insurance policy for buying from those doing things we can support and feel good about.

One of our favorite producers has a saying, “my animals have just one bad day in their entire lifetime” — it is, of course, sad to think about the harvest/slaughtering of sentient beings, but he makes sure this is handled with reverence, respect and in as stress-free a manner possible up to the very end (they personally walk with their animals and handle them up until their last breath), and every single day of their lives leading up to that point are VERY good days for the animals raised under his excellent care.

These producers are rare and may not be easy to find. It takes a lot of work and diligence to establish mutually beneficial programs that are sustainable for all involved, and to maintain these relationships, because things inevitably do change over time.

It is upsetting for those “in the know” when companies green-wash their products or use catch phrases that do not translate to the reality of what is actually happening on the farm/ranch or at slaughter.

For example, in stark contrast to our Gold Standard producers, I was once proudly assured by a potential supplier that all of their beef was, indeed, “100% ranch raised!!!” — yep, “ranch raised” was the best he could provide to describe the beef he wanted to sell to me.

Oh my goodness…after that, I can only remember after that call just laughing to tears for about an hour! Ranch raised!? Seriously? Where else is beef being raised? On the moon? In the ocean? As if that phrase meant anything at all and was going to really impress me to want to work with them?!

“Ranch raised” (and I have actually seen this used/promoted by raw pet food producers!) is an utterly meaningless term with regards to domesticated livestock (for wild game meats, it may possibly lead to a discussion and further exploration about their program with a lot more Q&A…but tell me that your beef is ranch raised and I’ll promptly lose all interest!) Phrases such as this do not provide anywhere enough information at all about the standards of a supplier’s program — we want to know a lot more about the operation of that ranch to determine the quality of your program.


There are a number of standards in the US created by industry, by federal agencies and also by third-party organizations that can help consumers “do better” by looking for specific certifications that are meaningful.

Of course there is also a lot of misleading marketing catch-phrases (“ranch raised”) that do not necessarily translate into anything meaningful about how the ingredients or meats are being produced/raised at a genuinely higher standard.

In the end, everyone must do their best to procure and provide healthy, wholesome unprocessed food to our loved ones. It is not always easy to find producers that do everything you would hope for, and it usually costs quite a bit more for food provided by those that do.

For me, the most valuable thing for any person buying and eating food (for themselves or their loved ones) is that they at least give some thought and consideration to where the food is coming from/how it was raised. That’s a start and it can make a difference!  Even big national retailers like Whole Foods now have standards that consumers can use to help guide them to making better buying choices.

But don’t stop there, keep on digging, and keep on learning – soon, you will be amazed at how much you know and that you actually CAN find foods that are in alignment with your unique values.

Do the best you can with eyes wide open, be mindful of what you are supporting with your dollars, and aware of what we’re putting in our bodies and how we are nourishing our loved ones. Efforts made on a daily basis really do make a difference on the larger scale,  I have seen it happen in the agriculture industry and I know change is possible – it all starts with you!

Believe me, I know it is not easy and compromises sometimes need to be made to acquire certain foods with availability or budget constraints, but it is important to at least know what you are really buying = what you are voting for with your dollar, what actions and practices you support when it comes to food, animals, people, and the environment. And from a producer/supplier viewpoint, it is just as important for those in the industry to be as transparent and truthful about the standards of whatever they are selling/producing/representing, as possible.


As consumers, we have a choice every day to make a vote for what we want to see more of in the world through our purchases in the marketplace. Food/eating is something most people/animals do daily and so it provides a unique and profound opportunity every time we attain or provide sustenance to do the best we can with regards to this, whatever our circumstances are.

As providers, we’re all just doing the best that we can to care for our loved ones to the best of our abilities.  The big companies that use marketing to “green wash” and misrepresent are doing their best to make as much profit as they can by appealing to consumers’ concerns and exploiting the good intentions most people have; to acquire greater and greater market share for the health of their company, whatever it takes.

But you can counter this through knowledge and informed purchasing decisions.  Utilize the resources listed above to do your homework and find great sources for food. Don’t get overwhelmed – just take it one choice at a time. Soon you will become an informed consumer — create your own standards that align with what you care and value most!



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New: Seaweed Blend for DIY Fresh Food Diets: Supplement for better pigmentation, healthy endocrine function/immune system & lots more!

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Our newest whole food supplement developed by our founder, Kasie Maxwell: SFRAW Seaweed Blend is the best way to enhance your home-prepared fresh food meals with needed iodine, minerals and vitamins that support endocrine health, the immune system, enhance coat pigmentation, aids with tissue repair, balances metabolism, fights cancer, detoxifyies the bowels, and more! Just $2/oz available in 4 oz jars…a little goes a long way!




Norwegian Kelp: rich in iodine (vital for proper thyroid/glandular function), trace minerals, protein, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamins A, B, E and D; absorbs toxins from the bowels, anti-tumor, helps remove radioactive materials from body, enhances metabolism, strengthens connective tissues/promotes tissue repair, anti-hypothyroid, anti-rheumatic, and contributes to good pigmentation (healthy skin/coat).

Organic Dulse: rich in B12, protein, minerals, potassium, magnesium, iodine, iron, potassium and vitamins B, C, D, an assortment of essential amino acids and trace elements; demulcent, detoxifier, enhances metabolism, and strengthens connective tissues.

Organic Spirulina: rich in GLA (anti-inflammatory beneficial fat for healthy skin/coat and reduces inflammation anywhere in the body), protein, vitamin C, B complex, and E, carotenoids, chlorophyll (which helps purify the blood), and phycocyanin; antioxidant that supports the immune system; anti-cancer; promotes the appetite; supports healthy eyes & vision.

Organic Wakame: good source of iodine, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, as well as folate, vitamin A, C, E, K, and B2; anti-cancer; beneficial for the heart; aids with weight control; increases production of red blood cells; energy booster.

FEEDING: Consult with your veterinarian before giving kelp to pets being treated for thyroid disorders. Do not add to foods already containing kelp. We suggest combining with SFRAW WHITE/RED GOLD EFA supplements for best results.  SUGGESTED DAILY AMOUNT

DOGS: 1/4 tsp (small); 1/2 tsp (medium), 1 tsp (large); 2 tsp (giant)

CATS: 1/8 tsp.

HANDLING: Store in a cool, dry place.


Q: Can I add this to the SFRAW Formulas or to what I am feeding now? 

A: Nope, there’s no need to because we already add these ingredients to our SFRAW Formulas!

So, unless you’re managing a specific ailment or health concern/challenge; and you have consulted with your veterinarian first about this, or/and are working closely with Kasie on a specific imbalance, we do not recommend adding this to ANY diet that already provides adequate iodine amounts in the form of kelp or other supplementation.

SFRAW Formulas already include these ingredients so adding more of these to our Formulas (or any diet that meet your dog/cat’s needs for iodine already) is not suggested.

Q: What about if I’m using your Vitality Blend, Healthy Powder, Seasonal Herbs or another pre-mix for my home-prepared diet?

A: If you prepare 100% your pet’s meals at home and already use a pre-mix such as Honest Kitchen Preference or SFRAW’s Healthy Powder, Vitality Blend and our Seasonal Herbs, you are already providing your pet with adequate amounts of what the Seaweed Blend offers. Adding our Seaweed Blend to these foods is not suggested.

Q: What about if I’m using the SFRAW Grinds, Hare-Today Grinds, EcoPawz Grinds, GreenTripe, Prather Pet/MSF Patty Mix products or if I supplement with just the SFRAW Veggie Mix (with our without Goat Milk)?

A: Yes, if you are only using our SFRAW Veggie Mix to add to a raw food blend of simple SFRAW Grinds, EcoPawz Grinds, Hare-Today Grinds, GreenTripe, Prather Pet Grind, MSF Patty Mixes or you own blend of meat/bones/organs — this is an ideal supplement for you and we encourage you to include this as part of your pet’s diet!

Q: It sounds so great but I don’t feed raw/fresh foods. I want my pet to enjoy the benefits these supplements provide, too. Can I add this to any other diet?

A: Our Seaweed Blend is intended for those that feed a 100% DIY fresh foods diet at home: for example, a home-cooked diet, prey model feeders, simple grinds of meat/bones/organs, or a BARF-style diet of meat/bones/organs + veggies & seasonal foods like goat milk, yogurt, fish & eggs.

Feeding clean, fresh, wholesome real foods to your animals is the single MOST EFFECTIVE and truly most excellent way for your animals to regain health, enjoy their best health possible with increased vitality and wellness.

We advocate and promote the notion that everyone (you, me, every animal!) should be provided the opportunity to experience the innumerable benefits of clean, whole/fresh & REAL food, through species appropriate nutrition. 

If you feed kibble, canned or any commercially prepared “balanced” and processed foods, we do not recommend this supplement. Further, we recommend you consider switching to fresh foods – you won’t regret it! It’s easier than you think and there are so many different ways to go about it — we will help you find a way that will work best for you and your animals!

If you feed 80/10/10 style of meat/bones/organs or a fresh foods diet prepared at home without kelp already included, this is the supplement for you! If you don’t already supplement these types of meals with superfoods/seaweeds, then adding our Seaweed Blend to these meals is highly suggested!

We strongly encourage you to include this in your pet’s meals for the many wonderful benefits seaweeds provide — our Seaweed Blend is a beautifully balanced blend of these wonderful “superfoods”: made with love and care, this is nutrient rich, clean/organic, tested free from contaminants/radiation and heavy metals, and from the best possible sources in the world — it is an awesome and really beneficial addition to these meals/diets!

We think you will see a noticeable change in your pet’s skin/coat condition (especially pigmentation), tissue repair, energy, metabolism, endocrine and immune system function. However, if you are not satisfied — all of the SFRAW made products come with a 100% guarantee! You can return for credit or replacement for any reason — we stand behind what we make 100%.

As an aside: Kasie, a vegan that eats predominantly raw foods, attributes her healthy gums & white teeth to the regular consumption of seaweeds herself and feels confident that her new Seaweed Blend will provide great benefits to your animal family members as well!  Dogs and cats usually like the taste, and just a little sprinkle is all you need to enjoy the wonderful benefits they provide!

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July 3, 2016 at 7:27 am

Satin Balls: Raw, Updated & Revised Version by SFRAW

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Satin Balls are a high fat/high calorie food additive/meatballs mixture that will put weight on and improve the skin/coat and muscle condition for dogs that have a problem maintaining weight. They are frequently used to give an added boost of nutrition/nutrients to:

  • lactating/whelping dogs & puppies failing to thrive
  • working/show dogs
  • undernourished/malnourished dogs
  • recovering from illness or injury that resulted in weight loss, muscle atophy/wasting, changes in coat condition
  • elders/seniors that have a hard time keeping weight on
  • rescued dogs arriving in poor condition


In 1996, a wonderful discussion list called Wellpet was born. Many of us early online adopters involved with raw feeding, holistic health & Natural Rearing were a part of the WellPet community; it was a great group of people the provided a wealth of knowledge through generous and kind sharing of useful information and enlightened discoveries.

One of the members, Diana Carreon, R.N.,C., developed a recipe she called Satin Balls to put weight on her own dogs and help support her dogs nutritionally in competition, breeding, and showing. You can find her original version here.


Photo: VA Rescue’s version of Satin Balls modeled after the original version. Most Satin Balls recipies include poor quality and problematic ingredients.

Satin Balls quickly “went viral” (though we didn’t really use this term yet back then!), and became incredibly popular among serious dog enthusiasts, groomers/trainers and holistic veterinarians. Since the original recipe was posted, there have been a lot of different versions developed by different people. Betty Lewis developed a version that was especially popular with a lot of the Great Dane people, for example. My own last version was done in 2003 – I called them Healthy Green Satin Balls.


Below are images of two rescued brothers, Houston and Dallas, rescued by Chain of Hope KC, as documented on their website: Their volunteers made lots and lots of Satin Balls to feed the rescued pups and they both experienced dramatic improvements in their health within a very short period of time. While other factors were involved in their journey to health (change in their environment; receiving loving foster and veterinary care for their ailments), this is the typical story of dramatic improvements for dogs put on a regime that includes Satin Balls.


My newly updated SFRAW version is *grain-free* and packed with super nutrition – the latest version is way more awesome! The ingredients are as follows:

  • Truly pastured regular fat ground beef
  • Truly pastured ground pork
  • Truly pastured egg yolks
  • Great Lakes pastured beef gelatin
  • Certified organic blackstrap molasses
  • Certified organic spirulina
  • Certified organic kelp
  • Certified organic dulse
  • Certified organic nettle leaf
  • Certified organic carob powder
  • Certified organic Nutiva red palm oil
  • Certified organic & 100% grass-finished whole fat yogurt
  • Certified organic sweet potato puree (cooked)
  • NOW brand bone meal powder
  • Certified organic rosehips powder

SFRAW Satin Balls – $2/each (available in packs of 4, 5 or 6/pack)


The ca:ph ratio has been properly balanced so you can feed these Satin Balls as stand alone meals safely (for periods of time, if needed). Or, simply add Satin Balls as a supplement to any balanced diet (without concern over tipping the nutritional balance of your menu/meals).

We made them into 3-4 oz. flattened balls that you can feed as is, or easily cut into smaller sizes to feed in a few days.

The ingredients are 100% raw, so keep in freezer and defrost as needed. Once defrosted, feed within 2-3 days.

We have them packaged with 4, 5 or 6 Satin Balls per bag; member price is $2.oo for each Satin Ball.


If you struggle to keep weight on your dog, or with achieving a gleaming healthy coat & strong nails, for any dog under your care, try Satin Balls!  This supplement will put weight on quickly; you should notice an improvement in their body composition in just a few days. Dogs on our Satin Ball supplement will enjoy gleaming beautiful coats; less shedding; stronger, healthier nails; improved joint and muscle condition, as well.

Satin Balls are an excellent high calorie/high fat whole food supplement for any hard working or breeding dogs, or dogs that have experienced undernourishment/malnourished for any reason (stress, poor diet, rescue or lactating) and need to get weight and improved body condition.


Satin Balls are not suitable for dogs currently in renal failure or prone to pancreatitis, yeast overgrowth or with allergies to beef/pork/eggs.

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SFRAW Uber Natural Shampoo: Gently Cleansing “Hair Food”

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After a long hiatus — our very popular and much beloved Uber Natural Shampoo is back!  We just made a beautiful, fragrant fresh batch this week and have it available to purchase in the SFRAW warehouse. This is an item we are happy to ship, for those interested.


Uber Natural Shampoo 8 oz. cobalt blue PET plastic bottle for $22.00
For dogs over the age of 8 weeks, humans, and livestock only. It is not safe to use essential oils on/around cats, rabbits, birds or other small/exotic animals.
100% Certified Organic Ingredients: Herbal Infusion of Soapwort, Horsetail, Chamomile, Rosemary, Oatmeal, Lavender and Rose Petals; Unscented Pure-Castile Liquid Soap; Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice, Rose Hydrosol, Wheat Germ Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Red Palm Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Xanthan Gum Powder, Vegetable Glycerin, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blend: Lavender, Rosewood, Rose Geranium, Rose Absolute, Ylang Ylang, Grapefruit, St Thomas Bay Leaf, German Chamomile, Roman Chamomile, Carrot Seed/Helichrysum; Custom Blend of Flower Remedies.

Ingredients are100% Certified Organic or Wild-Crafted; Fair-Trade Certified; Non-GMO; Third Party Certified for Purity and Authenticity; Funds Social and Environmental Programs; Habitat Friendly; Wildlife Safe; Cruelty Free; Vegan.
Gentle enough to use every day, this low sudsing, nourishing shampoo quickly and easily rinses clean. Leaves dogs fresh smelling, not perfumed or overwhelmed with an unnatural, chemical scent (Mango or Peach, for example). Allows for the natural texture of your pet’s coat to shine through. Excellent for dogs with skin conditions of any kind or who are sensitive to chemicals or impure additives. Normalizes the skin, soothes itchies, reduces flaking and shedding, promotes hair growth and repels skin parasites – wow!
Absolutely Pure! Learn more about our exceptional ingredients and how our shampoo is different below.


Is that grooming product as “natural” as you think?
We are proud of our ingredients and fully disclose what goes into every bottle. We use grapefruit seed extract, essential oils and vodka as natural preservatives. Only the highest quality herbs are incorporated into every product we make. We have searched the world of suppliers to find the highest quality, freshest, certified organic or wild-crafted herbs we could find. Therapeutic grade essential oils and/or genuine hydrosols are added for their powerful therapeutic qualities, and we seek out only the finest, certified organic suppliers of these special and powerful substances.

Our shampoo is simply one of the purist conditioning cleaners you will find.
What’s In Our Uber Natural Shampoo:
We use our own home-made Certified Organic herbal infusion and Certified Organic Rose Hydrosol as a base. Certified Organic Saponified Oils of Coconut and Olive (w/ Retained Glycerin) boost the cleansing power of the shampoo without the use of chemical surfactants. Organic Soapwort bark herb is added as natural, gentle sudsing agent. Certified Organic Oils of Hemp, Red Palm, Argan or Shea Butter, Wheat Germ and Jojoba are incorporated as exceptional skin and coat conditioners. Certified Organic Whole Leaf Aloe Vera juice and Certified Organic Oatmeal are included to soothe and balance skin and coat. To this we add therapeutic grade essential oils that are chosen for their ability to balance and nourish the skin and coat and our own flower remedy blend to make bath-time less stressful and more enjoyable for your dog.
rose-petalsOur Uber Shampoo infused herb blend contains:
•  Chamomile – soothing, antimicrobial
•  Rosemary – antimicrobial, excellent hair tonic
•  Horsetail – strengthens hair, stimulates hair growth
•  Lavender – antimicrobial, soothes itching and pain
•  Rose Petals – astringent tonic for dry, itchy skin
•  Oats – nourishing, soothes sore, flaky irritated skin

Our Uber Shampoo essential oil blend contains:
•  Lavender – antibacterial, anti-itch, regenerative, uplifting
•  Rosewood – excellent moisturizing skin tonic
•  Rose Geranium – antifungal, parasite repellant, calming
•  Ylang Ylang – calming, sweet smelling
•  Grapefruit – repels fleas, stimulates hair growth
•  Bay Leaf – hair tonic, deodorizer, repels ticks
•  German and Roman Chamomile – skin soothing/balancing, calming
•  Carrot Seed – excellent for dry/flaky skin, healing

Every ingredient used is as natural as you can find – this is truly “Hair Food” as well as a gentle cleanser. The formula is gentle enough to use daily and will not strip the natural oils found in your dog’s coat.

Our shampoo’s cleansing ingredients (called “surfactants” or “co-surfactants” in the industry) are not merely derivatives of natural materials made into chemical surfactants. Even the mildest surfactants used in some natural shampooing products cannot compare with our truly natural cleansers, which is a gentle certified organic soap made of oils and an herb; specifically, Certified Organic Soapwort herb, Certified Organic Saponified Oils of Coconut and Olive w/ Retained Glycerin.

What’s NOT In It:
Check the labels of most other “natural” grooming products, and you will notice that they hide harsh chemical ingredients by using vague statements in their ingredient listings like “natural coconut based cleansers”. There are no FDA rules that require companies to disclose what’s actually in that bottle and that “natural coconut based cleanser” generally contains ingredients you might not want to use on your pet – especially if your pet has sensitive skin or is not in perfect health.

The use of terms such as “mild coconut based cleanser”, “herbal conditioning base”, “coconut cleaner base” is not adequate disclosure as to what the product actually contains. Unfortunately, with vague descriptions like these, one can never know the actual ingredients used in the product. These vague terms nearly always includes one or more of the following chemical surfactants/co-surfactants:
•  Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)
•  Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS)
•  Cocomidopropyl Betaine
•  Glucosides (Decyl, Lauryl or Coco)

Sodium lauryl sulfate is a high volume synthetic chemical used in consumer products and is also regulated as a pesticide. A suspected gastrointestinal or liver toxicant, sodium lauryl sulfate can be drying and harsh for the hair and cause eye irritation, allergic reactions, and hair loss. According to the National Toxicology Program, it has shown moderate reproductive effects in experiments. It has not been tested for neurotoxicity.

SLS has been associated with some serious health concerns. It is frequently combined with TEA (triethanolamine), DEA (diethanolamine), or MEA (monnoethanolamine), which can cause the formation of the carcinogenic substances nitrosames.
In addition, unlike most other “natural” grooming product companies, we never use these other unnatural or potentially problematic ingredients:
•  Chemical preservatives (methyl-, ethyl-, propyl- and butylparabens and/or methylisothiazolinone and methylchloroisothiazolinone) – which recent reports suggest are unsafe
•  TEA-lauryl sulfate, TEA (triethanolamine), MEA (monnoethanolamine), lauramide DEA (diethanolamine) or cocamide DEA (diethanolamine) – which have been linked to cancer.
•  Petroleum surfactants, which almost always contain SLS, DEA and other harsh or dangerous chemicals
•  Propylene Glycol (commonly found in anti-freeze)
•  Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol (or other chemical thickeners)
•  Glyceryl Stearate, Polysorbate 80 (or other chemical emulsifiers)
•  Fragrance oils (such as Mango, Tutti-Fruity, Melon, Sea Breeze – these types of scents are synthetic or chemically derived and not from therapeutic aromatherapy essential oils)

We proudly purchase all of our herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs and our essential oils and hydrosols from Amrita or Aura Cacia. We incorporate Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Pure Soap and Nutiva Red Palm Oil into our shampoo formula. We highly recommend these companies for their ethics, integrity, and outstanding high quality and are proud to feature their raw materials in our exceptional products.



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Q&A: How Much Vitamin E To Add When Regularly Feeding PUFAs, Fish Oil & Fish/Seafood

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I picked up a bottle of Eskimo-3 fish oil caps today and wanted to know the dosing. I do add fish (EcoPawz Sardine Grind or SFRAW Seafood Medley) to their meals but felt they needed a bit more. With the additional fish oil, how much vitamin E should I add? Thanks! – Julie


Hi Julie, Good question! I’m happy to answer. 🙂

The AAFCO recommends that balanced fish oil containing diets be supplemented with 10 IU of vitamin E for every gram of fish oil per kg of diet, and their proposed nutrient profiles provides additional information regarding the addition of PUFAs in the diet.

“It is recommended that the ratio of IU of vitamin E to grams of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) be > 0.6:1. A diet containing 50 IU of vitamin E will have a ratio of > 0.6:1 when the PUFA content is 83 grams or less. Diets containing more than 83 grams of PUFA should contain an additional 0.6 IU of vitamin E for every gram of PUFA.”

“Add 10 IU Vitamin E above the minimum concentration for each gram of fish oil per kilogram of diet.”

Source: Pet_Food_Report_2013_Midyear-Proposed_Revisions_to_AAFCO_Nutrient_Profiles

Most canine nutritionists provide the general recommendation of supplementing with 400 IU of vitamin E for every 1,000 mg of fish oil/PUFA – which is a recommendation I like because it’s easy for most people to calculate/follow, and I agree with this level of supplementation for the safe use of these two supplements (fish oil & vitamin E).

Like most high quality fish oil supplements, the Eskimo-3 oil contains a tocopherol complex in the ingredient listing. This is included as an antioxidant to maintain the stability and integrity of the product and prevent oxidation of this fragile substance. You’ll notice the vitamin E level is not listed on the label that provides nutritional analysis information because the vitamin E added is merely used as a natural preservative and not sufficient for additional supplementation. Typically, the gamma and/or delta (listed as “mixed”) forms are used in this case. These forms, as included in fish oil supplements, cannot be used to meet your dog’s vitamin E requirements, particularly when you are feeding fish and supplementing with fish oil on a regular, frequent and/or ongoing basis. Therefore, you will need to provide adequate amounts of the proper forms of Vitamin E to maintain health over the long-term when frequently feeding fish and PUFAs such as fish oil to dogs.

I suggest incorporating a high quality Vitamin E supplement when feeding fish oil & fish that provides a broad spectrum of natural tocopherols and tocotrienols (there are 8 known forms). In my opinion, the biggest challenge here is sourcing a supplement that includes all of the various forms, is natural and soy-free, bioavailable, free of contaminants/truly safe and made with care from a high quality supplement or food manufacturer, and sourced from a trusted country of origin (nearly all Vitamin E supplements originate from China, even if the final manufacturing occurs in the US).

After much research and concern over quality, safety and the provenance of vitamin E supplements, I have started using and recommending an organic natural form of Red Palm Oil for vitamin E supplementation from Nutiva. There are several other brands that are also very good – so you don’t need to get the Nutiva brand necessarily. Just do your research to ensure what you are buying is of the highest caliber possible, as it is vital to get this from a reputable source that meets high environmental, quality and fair labor standards. I really like Nutiva products and the company, but they are not the only brand that produces a safe and exceptional Red Palm Oil product.

Red Palm Oil is a wonderful food that provides the full spectrum of tocopherols (natural vitamin E) including tocotrienols, and is rich in natural carotenoids (vitamin A) and the antioxidant CoEnzyme Q10, which supports healthy mouth/teeth and cardiac function. If you buy from a reputable source that is harvesting organic Red Palm fruit in an area that is not negatively impacting the local wildlife and ecosystems, and working with the local economy to support fair labor, this is a superior way to supplement with a natural form of vitamin E when feeding fish & fish oils with a pleasant boost of additional health benefitting antioxidants!

Depending on which source you refer to, the nutritional profile information for red palm oil can vary significantly. So unless you get a nutritional analysis profile from the manufacturer of a specific batch of product, we will need to make some basic assumptions and generalizations within a range of possibilities when comparing the various well-respected brands of organic, unrefined red palm oils on the market. Remember that this is a FOOD (nutritional values of real, natural food will always vary) that is sourced from different regions and handled differently by the different manufacturers, so the best you can do is consider the range of these beneficial nutrients that you may be working with. In my opinion, feeding non-standardized, natural food based supplements provides safer and better results than synthetic or highly synthesized, yet standardized, supplements. This is a personal preference. I realize that others may find a natural yet standardized supplement more comforting for the reliability and consistency of the target nutrient being provided through supplementation.

Most sources I have seen state that Red Palm Oil is composed of 30 percent tocopherols and 70 percent tocotrienols; providing more than/over 800 mg/kg of natural tocotrienols and tocopherols.

For example, below please find another source I found provding vitamin E levels found in a popular brand of red palm oil, followed by a paper that investigates how refining palm oil can alters the vitamin E levels found in this food.

1 TBLS of red, unrefined palm oil contains approximately 23 IU of Vitamin E.

Breakdown of Vitamin E composition per tablespoon of unrefined palm oil %/IUs:

alpha-tocopherol (alpha-T): 17% (2.38-3.91 IU)

alpha-tocotrienol alpha-T3): 24% (3.36-5.5 IU)

alpha-tocomonoenol (alpha-??): 3% (.42-.69 IU)

gamma-tocotrienol (gamma T3): 49% (6.86-11.27 IU)

delta-tocotrienol (delta T3): 7% (.98-1.61 IU)

Refining, bleaching and deodorizing reduces Vitamin E content by ~20%


“Palm oil contains 600-1000 ppm of vitamin E”

– Source: The_Effect_of_Physical_Refining_on_Palm_Vitamin_E_(Tocopherol_Tocotrienol_and_Tocomonoenol

Red Palm Oil is food and can be fed safely as such. The only concern you would need to have for “overdoing it” is your pet’s tolerance for digesting fat (in general), if they enjoy the flavor (most love it, but some do not like it at all), as well as rare circumstances where an individual may have an allergic or negative reaction (it is not a high allergen food, so this would be rare, but it is always possible with any substance).

When using it as a food based supplement to accompany fish and fish oil supplements, simply scoop a bit of the oil to add it to their meals every time you feed fish or fish oil. You can feed it at room temperature or melt it – either way is fine. I am very conservative with supplementation in general, and so my recommendations for feeding (below) start low. You may decide to increase the amounts given, so long as your dog enjoys and tolerates eating more of this nutrient dense fat.

Daily feeding rates for Red Palm Oil, I suggest starting with:

small dogs, 1/2 tsp.

medium sized dogs, 1 tsp.

large dogs, 2 tsp.

I’d also like to refer all interested in reading more about Red Palm Oil to an excellent discussion and review of different brands done by Evita Ochel which can be found here.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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This Week at SFRAW: 🌈 Discounts | Special & Fresh | New & Fun!

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This week’s newsletter has been created & our Blog followers are getting the TEXT only version before it even goes public! Lucky you 😉

Lots of “New & Noteworthy” items and announcements this week – in fact, I don’t know if I even got everything in there…so many cool things available right now at SFRAW. TIP: Be sure to read to the bottom where you can learn about a special discount offer available this weekend.

SFRAW MEMBERS: Remember you can always CALL 415 225 0589 or EMAIL if you are interested in having us reserve anything you need/want from available inventory. We can also deliver right to your door (cost & details for delivery options can be found towards the bottom of the email).

LINK to view the newsletter in your browser:

Delivering to SAN JOSE this week! Order by this SAT (6/27) for the 7/25 pick-up date in SF or delivery to SAN JOSE.Download the 2015 order/pick-up calendar here. 
“Big or small, we feed them all!”
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local, sustainable, authentic, food.
((  community  ))
Download This Week’s Pricelist
SFRAW BEEF FORMULA/GRIND & LAMB FORMULA/GRIND will be available FRESH this week– come by Saturday first thing to pack your own containers for 10% off!
GreenTripe products are selling fast – we still have cases available, but the stock in running low & we are sold out on some items.
SFRAW DUCK BONE GRIND is back in stock! ($2.50/lb) Liberty Ducks made one of their first deliveries last Friday since they started having trouble with their supply in Jan. We’re so pleased to have this wonderful local producer and products back in stock. While we can’t get their whole ducks right now, we hope the supply of various parts (necks, wings, carcass bones, feet, heads) will be somewhat consistent moving forward.
DUCK HEADS & LAMB HEADS – both are in stock NOW! Wonderfully healthy parts (brains & eyes are especially high in beneficial EFAs) for the adventurous raw feeder/paleo or traditional foods eater!
BEEF CHEEKS & TONGUES – we’re expecting a delivery for these popular items from a great local truly pastured beef supplier on Wednesday. There will be a limited supply, however, so please stop by to get what you need before it sells out!
CHICKEN FEET/HEARTS/LIVERS/GIZZARDS & DUCK FEET continue to be an issue to source from our suppliers (they are not being captured at the USDA inspected facilities currently). We have  a limited supply of frozen truly pastured, organic heritage chicken feet, livers and hearts from a local supplier scheduled for delivery this Friday for about twice the price.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed….we’ll keep you updated.
BEEF!! We have lots of great beef right now from the best local producers… Marin Sun Farms, Bel Campo, BN Ranch, Richard’s Grassfed & Prather Ranch — from pet grinds, to bulk aged primal chunky grinds, to lean ground sirloin for the best burgers, we have what you need at a great price! Prather Beef Pet Grind has been reformulated with 10% ground bone and it’s BACK IN STOCK STARTING FRIDAY (just $3.67/lb!!) BN Ranch Beef Feet are a rare treat we have in stock now! These are amazing cuts for aggressive chewers and those looking for a ligament-rich bone to chew on for hours & days. Great for arthritis, dogs recovering from orthopedic surgery, high energy dogs and teething puppies.
Make an appointments with your animals to see Dr. Fishelson at SFRAW THIS SUNDAY JUNE 28TH from 12-6pm.  Please call ASAP to schedule an appointment: 415-225-0589 or email:  Learn more about this program here.
The absolute BEST fresh beef available in Northern California – come to SFRAW next WEDNESDAY-SUNDAY to stock up on a truly special half-beef we’re getting cut and delivered.
Long awaited — this is incredibly tasty beef.  You simply must try some — when it’s gone, it’s gone! There will be a supply of ground beef, stew meat, steaks & roasts. He’s also bringing us more of that outstanding bacon and smoked pork chops.  Perfect timing for your July 4th weekend celebrations! Bacon burgers, anyone?ORGANIC PRODUCE: We can also get fresh organic produce such as CA avocados, corn, watermelon, onion, tomato — inquire if you’d like to have something in particular to accompany your selections from SFRAW for the holiday weekend.
Exciting selection of wild meats from Durham Ranch! We received a really fun pallet of goodies last week and (scheduled to get more in this Thursday) that included a bunch of new products such as ground venison $6.50/lb, ground elk $6.70/lb, ground wild boar $7.50/lb, three varieties of raw grass-finished goat milk cheeses, whole ducks, whole pheasants, whole quail, whole rabbits, lamb heads, plus plenty of Diestel turkey staples like ground meat, necks, hearts, livers, gizzards. Wild meats are lean nutritious! We currently have a wonderful selection of organic dark chocolates, Hail Merry Tarts, Three Twins Ice Creams & Julie’s Organic Vegan Coconut Chocolate Almond Crunch bars, Kombuchas & Kevita probiotic drinks, too. New delivery of all sorts of delectable new flavors of locally crafted marmalades, jams & preserves from Sweet Pea’s Confections & local Urban Nectar honey will deliver this week!
Coming Soon: Kangaroo (ground) and whole pork necks (great for giant breed dogs!)
THURS: Fresh local California Sablefish
Royal Fishbox is a weekly subscription program that provides subscribers with a variety of INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS sustainable seafood every week in a nicely packaged box format that includes educational and suggested use/preparation information for the contents of each box. $25/per subscription. Sign-up here & be sure to select SFRAW as your pick-up location every Thursday!SAVE WITH SIDEBOX OFFERS! Royal Hawaiian “Sideboxes” are irregular cuts of fresh fish fillets offered at discounted pricing of just $13.50/portion, when available. We plan to get these this week!
Learn more about nematodes for flea & tick prevention at our blog here. You can also watch a video here. We STRONGLY suggest that you take the 15 minutes required to apply nematodes to all of your outside areas around your home this weekend. Re-apply in 1-2 weeks, then apply monthly (or every 6-9 weeks, if you don’t have fleas) throughout the Spring-Fall season for best results. IN STOCK NOW!
Don’t suffer from fleas (again) this year!  We’re expecting a booming flea season- here’s your opportunity to prevent fleas from being a problem for your pet this year without the damaging effects of chemicals or toxins! Arbico nematodes are effective and 100% non-toxic and good for your garden plants/soil!ALSO AVAILABLE: FLY PREDATORS & SAFE/NON-TOXIC MOSQUITO CONTROL GRANULES 
New to feeding raw? Want to learn how to properly and easily prepare your dog’s meals at home for FREE? Learn “one-on-one” from an experienced mentor with our ongoing Mentoring & Apprenticeship Program. Read more about it on our blog. This is a great opportunity for those SFRAW Members just getting started or new to feeding raw. Next Mentoring session is scheduled for THIS **SUNDAY** APRIL 12TH at 9AM – to sign-up to participate as an apprentice, contact us ASAP via email: Sessions take place about twice a month on Sundays.
Have you checked out the SFRAW blog yet? Kasie has written several helpful posts including:

Be sure to Follow our blog and post a comment if you have any questions or feedback to contribute! If you feel so inclined, you can choose to share any of our blog posts on Facebook, Twitter or by emailing.

Check out this sweet video that was taken at SFRAW recently! It’s just a short profile piece that briefly reviews our mission and tells a little bit about what we do/how we came to be.  Please pass it on & come visit us: 250 Napoleon Street, Unit G, San Francisco, CA 94124 We’re OPEN to the public 7-days a week: Sunday-Wed 12-5pm; Thursday & Friday 9a,-7pm & Saturdays 9am-5pm.  Check us out at Facebook, WordPress (, Instagram, Twitter or Yelp.  We have a brand new website in the works currently — our annoying old site, which still has a lot of good information ion it, can be seen here: Thank you!
After hearing good things from our members about this service, and knowing a few of the people involved in this new venture, we’ve decided to take the leap! Get SFRAW products quickly delivered for FREE, directly to you – anyone, anywhere in the SF Bay Area – enjoy!
We have a variety of options when it comes to getting your favorite SFRAW goodies to you!  For our SFRAW members, we offer FREE delivery every month to several hosted pick-up locations — these deliveries are done by volunteers!  This is for orders placed through our online shopping cart and this happens with a month lead time.We also have two members that are willing to deliver to MARIN & CUPERTINO. All you need to do is email us your wish-list and we’ll put together your order from the inventory we have on hand; we can take payment over the phone with your credit card. The MARIN offer is pretty much weekly on Wednesdays and/or Sundays through Kelly.  CUPERTINO pick-up is provided by Greg and this happens a few times a month.  Please email us at: for details and so we can put you in touch with these awesome members for coordinating your delivery & pick-up options.

Lastly, we are happy to provide order quick delivery for phoned-in or emailed orders for a fee to your home or work (see below).

Door-to-Door Delivery Service Within San Francisco County
Please call us to ask about delivery directly to your home or work located in the city of San Francisco, CA. SFRAW delivery for call-in orders from inventory on hand is available 7-days/week; for online pre-orders we can deliver on Saturday or Sundays before 11am or after 6pm (products ordered the month prior).

Members: Starts at $15 for up to 50-lbs.; $20 for 50-100 lbs.
Non-Members: Starts at $30 for up to 50-lbs.; $40 for 50-100 lbs.
Missed Delivery Fee: $25 (if you are not there to accept delivery when we arrive; we will wait for up to 10-minutes)

Note: Door-to-Door delivery is made with a regular vehicle, not a refrigerated van/truck. For over 100-lbs. of product, please call to discuss possible delivery options.

Door-to-Door Delivery Outside San Francisco County
Members Only: We will try to accommodate all requests from members for this service. Fees start at $25. Please contact us for a quote and details.

Did you know we’re on Instagram? Be sure to follow us @sfraw #sfraw
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