Best Veggies For Pets – According to SFRAW :)

When preparing meals for your dog/cat, you may think about adding beautiful, organic produce to the menu or recipe – it’s very appealing, as humans, to include fresh veggies and fruits — so colorful, so healthy! Right? Well…the truth is, adding produce to our carnivores’ diet can get a bit complicated (check out these great articles from PerfectlyRawsome, RawFeedingRebels, RawFed, DrDobias, PrimalPooch, DogsNaturally, and Blakkatz).  Whether the addition of produce (which are carbohydrates, even if you choose low-glycemic options) in the diet is healthy/damaging may vary widely for our dogs and cats… One thing most people are unaware of is that, on a biological, nutritional and physiological level, our domestic dogs and cats have ZERO nutritional requirements for vegetable or carbohydrate in the diet. Yes, our dogs can (and have been forced to, ever since kibble came on the scene in the 1950s) tolerate a limited amount of carbohydrate matter in the diet better than cats do, but neither species has the biological capacity

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Awesome Citizen Animal Health Projects SFRAW Supports: Please Participate!

Heads-up!  There are a few really cool research projects taking place right now that we hope our members will both support and participate in.  We encourage everyone to get involved — this type of independently funded research (by you and people or organizations that are not directly influenced by megafood/pet food corporations/industry) is directed at understanding what we can do to help our companion animals live healthier, longer lives. We are very excited by this type of research and hope to see many SFRAW members participate, and support/contribute, if you can! Long Living Pets Research Projects Mission: Help pets live longer healthier lives and limit the risk of cancer. This project provides guidance, and research-driven information to better the health of dogs and cats. They are seeking participants for their research projects and you can easily register your pets online to participate — any pet can be included, past and present/any health status. Click the photo to learn more…  

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NEW: SFRAW Delivered To You via TCB Courier (available in select SF locations)

NEW DELIVERY OPTION: TCB COURIER Have SFRAW orders delivered FAST by bike courier service, TCB Courier! We recently partnered with TCB for local delivery of our products. TCB is way cool — we’ve used TCB personally many times over the years for FAST and personable service from local restaurants for food that arrives in proper order/good condition! SFRAW DELIVERED: DOWNTOWN, TENDERLOIN, HAYES VALLEY/HAIGHT, MISSION, DOGPATCH, SOMA, POTRERO, BAYVIEW & BERNAL (parts of each)  TCB has arranged for a service area for SFRAW members specifically, and the below pricing structure for deliveries. If you’d like to order for delivery within this service area, please call us and we’ll get your order to you ASAP! Zone 1 1- 8lbs = $14 9- 18lbs = $18 19+ = $22 Zone 2 1- 8lbs = $16 9- 18lbs = $20 19+ = $24 Zone 3 1- 8lbs = $18 9- 18lbs = $22 19+ = $26 Order for same-day delivery cut-off is 11am. They

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